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I skeched a simple "yeah" ambigram on Paper, a very nice sketch app available on iPad.
Here it is: http://letrait.tumblr.com/post/93867471608/made-with-paper-a-simple-yeah-ambigram

Did you ever designed an ambigram out there ?


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Calibri for an ebook


I'm wanting rather urgently to know whether I can use Calibri roman and bold for an ebook. The Author at this stage is not yet sure whether the book will be sold in the apple store but there is a good chance it will be.

I have the fonts on my mac because they came with software and I will now purchase them, but can they be used for the ebook? I really hope so. I can officially purchase them here - http://www.fonts.com/search/all-fonts?searchtext=Calibri&SearchIn=all-fo...

Does iPad make any use of font hinting, if available, please? I mean not just safari browser, but the device itself, e.g. in purchased apps.

As far as I know, the CoreText rendering engine on Mac OS X completely ignores font hinting and rather employs subpixel antialiasing (source: http://www.typotheque.com/articles/hinting).

However, iOS devices do not use subpixel antialiasing (probably due to portrait/landscape orientation switching) and do only standard "grayscale" antialiasing, which obviously leads to less precise results. So I am wondering whether or not do they make any use of font hinting (to compensate this)?


I'm new to this site so apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong area.

Some of you might be interested in a project I recently launched on Kickstarter.com called LetterMpress.

It's a virtual letterpress for the iPad. It features authentic wood type and a Vandercook proofing press. 

I've included some screen shots.

Here is the link to the project page:


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Any Font Editor for iPad?

Is there any font editor for iPad available in the market?
Also, is there any way to install any of the desktop softwares (OSX or Win) in an iPad?

The only one I found is iFontMaker. I didn't try it, It seems nice, but I think will be great to have something more professional.

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Plans? Typophile on iPad

Just curious if there are plans to tweak typophile.com for iPad, which would mean some HTML tweaking of some of the layout components, or at least, some PHP-generated text (or some other web font service with the faces that get used regularly) in place of the Flash based embedded font rendering. Again, just curious.

According to Steve Lee, product marketing manager for Monotype Imaging's creative professional division:

Many Web design­ers have been ask­ing how Monotype Imaging sup­ports iPhone® and iPad® devices using Fonts.com Web Fonts ser­vice. These devices are known for super­ior dis­play qual­ity, and as our test­ing and usage have shown, there’s no excep­tion when it comes to Web fonts. The iPhone 4, for example, with its 960-by-640-pixel res­ol­u­tion at 326 ppi (higher than early laser print­ers), renders text that is simply stun­ning. Web fonts really shine when zoom­ing to see con­tent up close, thanks to their amaz­ing sharp­ness and clarity.

Our approach to Mobile Safari® sup­port can be summed up in two words: sim­pli­city and control.


Hinwil is a hand made Mécane-Manuaire hybrid typeface created using the iPad. It is part of an ongoing personal project that I am working on currently to create a set of fonts using the touchscreen interface, some of which I aim to re-work into pro-versions over the coming months. The font is available for all to use for free and can be downloaded via the link below.

Download Hinwil


Sion is a geometric, experimental typeface created using the touchscreen of an iPad. The font is available for all to use for free and can be downloaded via the link below.


No new information here (iPad slower to read than print), but I would have liked to have more information on this "PC" they tested with. Anybody know more?

Does anyone know why iPhone/iPad/iTouch only supports SVG @font-face implementation, and not TTF or WOFF? Seems strange to me since Apple® Safari® (Webkit) supports TTF from version 3.1 and later. Thanks!

Elk Grove Village, IL – April 14, 2010 – Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products, announced a new web fonts service on its www.AscenderFonts.com site to appeal to web designers and web developers.

Web Fonts from Ascender is a new service to format websites with CSS @font-face using licensed downloadable fonts. Web Fonts eliminate the hassles and expense of using Flash, JavaScript or image replacement techniques for headlines. Web Fonts from Ascender also offers high quality text fonts for web designers to extend their typographic choice beyond the limited set of ‘web-safe’ fonts.

Two interviews with type designers on the blog of Mario Garcia, publication design consultant, that may be of interest:

Peter Bil'ak on the Indian Type Foundry and type on the iPad (scroll halfway down the page)

Nadine Chahine on Arabic typography, with great tips for newspaper and magazine designers (scroll about a quarter down the page)

Just got an iPad at work. Is there anything with a better composition engine than the native books app on the horizon? It's hurting my soul trying to reconcile the dumb css-style full justification with any conception of this thing as a book killer.

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iPad and book design

Following up on Typophile discussion about the iPad, there is some interesting commentary on book design and the potential of the iPad here:

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Thoughts on iPad Eve

A new era of typographical challenges and oppurtunities knocks on the door. On iPad Eve I feel, as book designer, editor and typographer, much the same excitement that came with the introduction of quality paperbacks in the 1950s. Our book culture cannot without mediation just be republished in new media. All our typographical skills are needed to make the tablets function in a humane and literate way and thereby assist the survival of the book.

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