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International Bomber Command Centre Font Design Advice


Hello, my name is Sam Bartle from Distraction design agency. I am currently researching the use of typography associated with aircraft during WW2 and specifically the Lancaster Bomber, for use as part of the International Bomber Command Centre.

If there is anyone that can help advise me on how typography was used across different planes, how it was applied between factories etc. would be very much appreciated.

I am looking at the end of this process to produce or find an appropriate stencil font that can be used to cut out of metal panels the over 20,000 names of those that lost their lives flying from Lincolnshire during the war. It will be displayed at approximately 80pt.

Sam Bartle

Post War Poster

i love working with the WW2 (1930s to 1950s) timeline, i feel i presents alot of useful material because the history is so rich, so that really inspired this design for me, and PS: i understand the smaller text is hard to read and i dont really intend for it to be read by most people because for one its in Russian so if dont speak or read that language you wont be reading it anyway, but in short the poster is designed after the ussr era in euro, and is an anti war poster.

And just to clarify the upside-down R and the transition from the S to the R, its really design purposes and aesthetics purposes.