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NuRoSlab web test

I’m in the process of redoing a fairly experimental typeface I did around a decade ago called Roice.

The new version will probably be called NuRoSlab (NuRo being short for New Roice) and it aims to be a version of Roice for the real world, meaning, among other things, that it’s a lot less experimental.

Right now I’m testing it as a webfont on my website. Let me know what you think.
Cheers, Alex

Hi to all!
I'm just posting my draft for the font project called MONOARCH.
Will appreciate your opinion.


Pretty basic question, but I couldn't find an answer. Here it is:

I'm expanding a typeface to include old style numerals and small capitals. I have a draft of all these glyphs drawn in FontLab. How would you go about proofing these? I see that you can print up glyph tables in FontLab, but I'm wondering if there is an effective way to create specimen sheets with all these new glyphs in the context of the larger typeface? Ideally, I'd like to print them out. Thank you,


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Test. What is Blog?

hai. Its just testing :\

Hi everyone,

I've red at multiple places that the font rendering on Mac OS-X should be the same on every browsers.

Mac OS X Browsers,

We’ll kick this off the easy way. On a Mac, all web browsers use Core Text – the system default text rendering engine – and OS font smoothing settings. There are no browser preferences that affect the way type is anti-aliased. So, on a Mac, type looks the same no matter which browser you use.

Source : Typekit blog"

Well, my personal tests didn't approve these results and I wanted to understand why.

Hello everyone! :D I just joined today and look forward to meeting everyone. I just found this and thought it was quite fun! I figure designers and artistic types will probably do quite well. I ended up getting a 0 (which in this case is a perfect score). Here's the linky!

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[TEST POST] Apostrophes and Sale

test post

image w 580px

test post
Gif Anime

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test serif

I posted earlier wanting help with the tittles, currently diamonds.
here is the rest of the lowercase. I've included a few extra letters that I want some input with.
the /a/, /b/, /k/, /y/ and /z/


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Need an opinion

So here's an idea I've been working on. Have all characters but still needs work. This is just a part, test. So should I continue this or leave it? Any help also. Thank you.

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