Sans-serif to match Papyrus


Hi all,

I am looking for a sans-serif typeface to match Papyrus (not my choice - I loathe that font). It will be used on a website, for menu headings and also body text. Even a suggestion of what characteristics would match would be helpful- humanist, geometric, grotesque etc. The website is for a horror/thriller film, if that is any help on choosing a font.

Looking forward to any recommendations to solve this conundrum!



What font is this? Pamprin Commercial


My name is Shanna Fuller and I work at a business in Huntsville, Al. My boss and his wife were watching TV last night and a Pamprin commercial came on.

My boss LOVED the grayed out 'Pamprin' logo in the commercial and my job is to find out what the font is. I called around a little and used and it gave me similar results, but nothing exact. The 'a' is what he really likes. Can you help me? :)

I contacted the actually company and they left a message with their ad agency that created the commercial, but they may never contact me back. I know it is a weird request.

Your site is very interesting by the way!!

Thanks for any help at all :)