Here's A Challenge: A Good Serif Companion to Giorgio Sans


Dear Typophiles,

I am looking for the 'right' text companion to Christian Schwartz' breathtaking Giorgio Sans. (I'm aware there's also a serif but that isn't going to work for anything other than decorative text.)

It's for a company that, ironically, does branding itself. They are a nice kind of snobby, if you know what I mean, somewhere between high-brow and witty. That's why I'm looking for something classic (Antiqua), not too low on the x, with nice contrasts but also quite legible on screen. I was thinking along the lines of Weidemann's Corporate A, but I don't want them look like a Mercedes knock-off, especially since they are based in Germany.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. This is my first venture into the hallowed halls of typophile, so please be nice.