It looks like there are so many publishers selling Futura (I counted at least ten on myfonts.com alone). Some of the versions look slightly different.

Does anyone have an opinion on which publisher offers the best set, and why?

Much thanks.


I have a bizarre client who wants a new type family to use across all communications. She likes futura but doesn't want to use it, she wants something like futura. She's a strange lady.

Can anyone recommend a family with range of weights, all with italics and condensed & bold condensed for display? It's a big client so budget isn't a problem.

I like Super Grotesk but no italics unfortunately!

Love to hear some ideas.

This beeing my first post:
Hello everybody!

I'm an architecture student and this is the first time I'm really dealing with typography. It's only a very basic draft supposed to show the characteristics of a font I want to create myself, as I can't seem to finde anything comparable that tries this fusion of geometric structure and "contemporary" spurless details.
If you know any existing font with these features, please tell me - there has to be one somewhere.
Anyway, please feel free to tell me, wether you think this is a project I should push further or if it is completely hopeless - architects tend to think they can do everything on their own and end up in a massive mess.

I'm currently studying Futura font.
There's a question my teacher gave me,
Why is Futura created?

I can't seems to find the answer :(
And also, what do you think of Futura? What feels it gives you?



I'm sure that it is not LL Brown or Super Grotesk
Can anyone tell me what font this is?

Anyone know what this super-compressed sans is? Similar to Gill Display Compressed or as if someone had squeezed Futura Condensed...!
thanks as ever for your expertise and help!


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Futura medieval numbers


I found a post on this forum from 6 years ago, but it has an answer with a broken link.

I need medieval numbers in the futura. How can I achieve that? Manually is fine too, the text is quite short.

Thanks in advance!!

I found this typoeface in a gestalten Published book called 'Utopia Forever' I've seen it before, I really like the font, does anyone have an ID on this?

would be very very grateful

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What font?


Can somebody tell me what font this is, please?

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Hi Guys, please help...
I need some insights on the typeface „Avisto‟ that BVD used for their Stores http://bvd.se/stories/.
I've never heard of this typeface before, the only proof i've got of it's existence is from the book „I Love Type 01 - Futura‟.

I'm looking for a font that similar to Futura, but with a tiny x-height, similar to the attached, but obviously without the distortion of the uppercase and the numerals.

Failing that perhaps something lighter, with a more curved w, but still with the tiny x-height and the 1920s style. Can anyone recommend anything along those lines?


Looking for someone to please ID this font, sans serif, not hugely different from Futura/Avenir but I love the lower case a and g.


Any help much appreciated.



I know this is a futura but can anyone tell which oen it is?

Thanks so much ahead of time!


Okay, so this type, i've been looking for it for days, it reminds me of Futura, but it doesn't fit the C nor the M. I've concluded it down to Mostra-type or alike.

Do you think it's a modified type?
If i would say a thicker version of this Gothic type http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/ortizlopez/olround-gothic/

would i be right?

Hi type brains, I found this typeface at an exhibition and am not sure what it is? Take a look, I really like the lower case 'g'

In the past year or so, I've seen this one geometric typeface pop up in (I think!) at least three applications, all in billboard ads or public transport ads. I always notice it by subconciously thinking "what's wrong with that Futura?" and then seeing that it's a different typeface entirely - square tittles, less elegant, tighter-spaced, very different /t/ and /e/.

Any clues?

Aargh - I've spent hours trying to figure out this font. It's the round 0's that seem to be the clincher. Anyone help?

Hello all,

I'm in need of links, photos, or anything you've got relating to Futura as seen in vintage printed materials (Bolded, Tracked out, and letter pressed, that sort of look)


a new challenge for you all. can anybody help le to find what font is this? thank you!

I'm exploring using Neufville Digital's Futura as body text in a student workbook for learning a medical-software programming language. The text is broken into short one- or two-paragraph frames accompanied by Q&A and hands-on programming exercises. These short frames are designed to be read only one at a time, followed by breaks to program or answer questions. The text is set with plenty of interline spacing, 12/18, to help clarify Futura's less sturdy measures, and it's set ragged right to protect the word and character spacing. My hope is that these choices will help protect the color and texture of the page.


I saw this cut of what I think looks like Futura on the Urban Outfitter website for Germany. I'm really having a bit of trouble identifying it. Any takers?

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