Times New Roman License Issue?

I am working on a book proposal that involves the use of a Completely modified version of Times New Roman to be more Appropriate for Display or at Larger Sizes. This is a commercial project with the potential for Wide Distribution so I want to as clear about the legality as possible. Otherwise, I (with a bit of shame) would not really worry about it, but agin this is not that...

I Heavily modified the font, not just computationally through interpolation, but also in more nuanced and pre-meditated ways that literally alter the letter forms at a fundemental level i.e. serifs, bowls, shoulders, etc.

I have attached sample of the original I used and then the altered version(at 3/4 complete).



Determining "Redistributability"


Good day!

I am a designer/technical writer at a software company and am having a difficult time determining whether or not we can develop a documents package that includes Myriad Pro. The end user would receive this typeface a part of our software installation process; I just can't seem to figure out how to find accurate information on this subject. Someone at typophile should be able to tell me!:

What do I need to do to determine--WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE--the legality of distributing this font?

Put another way: we are considering incorporating Myriad Pro into an installation that would affect 40,000 (yes, 40k) computers.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Multi-user font licensing and Font Explorer Pro Server

We are thinking about purchasing Font Explorer Pro Server but I have a question about font licensing…

If we have purchased a font on MyFonts with five licenses and we install it on Font Explorer Pro Server will it recognise the number of licenses bought? ie. if a 6th person trys to access the font will it be flagged up?



Font Usage & Licensing Survey - Respondents Needed!

I am collecting information on the ethics and legality of digital font usage for my undergraduate thesis using a survey. I'm focusing on students, instructors, and professionals who are involved in the design community. I've received over 80 responses so far, but am looking for as many as I can obtain, so please feel free to share with your friends or colleagues!

If you would like to offer any additional resources/information in regards to these issues, please contact me at:

The link is below, and the survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance!

No kerning info in a font I licensed -- what to make of it?

I licensed a font the other day, a recently released family of 10 weights * 2 styles * text + display version. I was a bit suspicious of the whole thing, as there didn't seem to be a PDF specimen available anywhere. But the introductory offer was a nice one, and the font seemed perfect for my purposes.

What I got was a font that, as expected, does have its qualities in some respects, but is kerned so horribly that it's pretty much useless for the application it was design for -- it's meant to be a ›legible‹ sans for body text.

Calculating Licensing for Broadcast


Hello Typohphiles,
I am pretty new as a contributor to the font world and was hoping some more experienced members could point me in the right direction. I recently released a font which has gleaned a lot of attention and now a major US broadcaster is requesting to license it for use as a logo for a television show, for US audience only, for one season for now.

I really have no idea how I should be calculating licensing fees for something like this, or what is appropriate. I neither want to overcharge nor undersell myself on this. The only point of reference I have found is the broadcast license calculator on Typoteque, which feels high to me, but at the same time I am sure the broadcaster is dealing with huge budgets.

Truth Normal: history and available version?

Hi all,

There's this font, Truth Normal (and Truth Normal Slanted):

Does anyone know the history of this font, and if there is a commercially available version? I haven't been able to track down the original designer/foundry, and it seems as though this particular typeface is no longer available. (Trying to reprint—with corrections—a legacy document for a client.)

Thanks for your help!

Europa Arabesque: no longer available commercially?

Hi all,

The font Europa Arabesque was originally licensed by Monotype from FontHaus, as evidenced by this (very old) trademark PDF over at

However, it doesn't seem to be commercially available any longer, but is available on at least one free site:

Anyone know of any alternate cuts or who the original designer might be?


Using Minion Pro



I'd like to ask for some advice. I'm a musician studying Composition. I love design and typography, but I ultimately abandoned it to focus on music.
I've been using Minion Pro as the text font for my self-edited scores and drafts. I find it gorgeous: the regular is clean and great looking, the bold has presence, and I'm particularly enamored with its italic. However, I'm not sure where I got it. I don't know whether it came with my Mac or if it came with an Adobe product, since it was developed by Adobe. I'm guessing the latter.

I'm in the process of founding a music publishing house. I would be in charge of handling directly with the music, and responsible of establishing a "house style", a consistent design to use across all of our published scores.

License Pricing


Hi all, I had a hard time finding an appropriately close answer to my question elsewhere so I'll ask it outright. My studio is working on a custom sans serif font for a client (lc, UC, #s and punct). We started with just the end product in mind but now the client wants to buy the font outright so no other usage or distribution will be permitted. I have NO idea where to start with pricing something like this out. Any advice would be great. _w

Commercial licensing - using fonts on customizable products


A company selling customizable products has an interactive site where a customer would select the colors/designs and add custom text (with multiple fonts to choose from) to the product. Think something along the lines of what Converse has going on here where they are offering customized text with the choices of Arial and Monotype Corsiva.

The question I have is, what kind of font licensing needs to be in place for a company to use fonts in this manner? I'm speaking more in the viewpoint of the company who is in the process of selecting fonts for this purpose.

Quick question about font licensing

Hey guys,

I've just been scanning through the licenses for several fonts I own, specifically the Helvetica Neue & Trade Gothic families. Admittedly, I get easily confused by reading legal-speak, but it almost sounds as though the license doesn't allow me to use the font commercially - i.e. in design work that I am paid for... surely this isn't the case...

This bit in particular is confusing:

"Personal or Internal Business Use" shall mean Use of the Font Software for your customary personal or internal business purposes and shall not mean any distribution whatsoever of the Font Software or any component or Derivative Work thereof...

Help! Which PMN Caecilia package should I license?


I want to license the PMN Caecilia family in OT (all the versions, but I don't need Euro/foreign characters), and I'm overwhelmed trying to figure out which website to buy from and which package to license.

Linotpe offers PMN Caecilia Complete Family Pack in "Open Type Com" for $310 and in "Open Type Std" for $195. They're both 8 fonts. Reading the Linotype Support area on OT did not enlighten me as to the difference.

FontShop and many other websites also sell Caecilia packages. I've spent way too much time trying to figure this out and would much appreciate any advice!

Licensing question



I had a question about licensing fonts,

I am putting together a banner for a countertop installer, the banner is promoting a product they sell (Silestone).

The Silestone logo standards pamphlet specifies Scala Sans to be used on all promotional material.

Do I have to purchase a license for the company? Or does Silestone's font license extend to this use?



License Issues with Font Embedding

I have a client who wishes to create PDFs for invites. All of these contain type. With Typekit, Font Squirrel, and Font Shop sporting webkits and iPhone apps using fonts for in postcards, etc., are licensing restrictions becoming less strict? Should my client be concerned about embedding type?

Are Futura and Helvetica public domain?


Hi. I swear I’m not trying to start any flames here :) It’s just that I’m not a type professional—heck, I’m probably not even a type enthusiast by the standards of this forum—and I’m having a hard time finding information on the copyright situation of famous classic fonts.