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non-profit organizations using proprietary typefaces - what volunteers should do?


It seems far more common that usual seeing non-profit organizations using proprietary typefaces in their brand manuals, and i really struggle seeing volunteers buying these typefaces for contributing with graphic design materials (such as posters, flyers, magazines, videos, etc.) using them.

Are Nonprofit organisations in typeface sector also Nonsalary?

I am being specific to the typeface / font design sector on this forum though this concerns all nonprofit organisations. I am not happy with nonprofit organisations giving out salaries and wages to any staff. The donors monies should not be used to pay for salaries or de facto salaries. Thus the word nonprofit is a bit too broad and a distinction should be included for educating that a particular nonprofit is also nonsalary, e.g. 'A Nonsalary-Nonprofit organisation'. This should educate and help to understand that the nonprofit is serious in it's objectives. I find it objectionable and corrupt that nonprofit organisations are paying salaries, de facto salaries to staff and there are even salaried nonprofit careers.

Logo Crit for Cadre (center for advanced design & research analysis)

The mission of Center for Advanced Design Research and Evaluation (CADRE) is to develop and execute relevant original research in the areas of architectural and engineering design solutions having an impact on: end users, including occupant well-being and user effectiveness; operational performance; and sustainability of the built environment. Dissemination of this new knowledge to end users and the design community is inherent in our organizational intent.

After much discussion we decided the logo needed to be bold, technological, and organized. It could represent in an abstract fashion the ideas of dissemination, the center point for emerging ideas, a surveyors benchmark, form which new directions are established and buildings built.