multilingual fonts

As most of contents are now written in unicode, there are some cases where two (or more) slightly different character from different language are emerged into one unicode codepoint, making them shared the same codepoint, but usually two (or more) different fonts would required to display them correctly because one glyph style are pointing to one codepoint only. So, what I'm thinking now is how can I merged them and include both glyph in one font because I am using both in same article, and there are some programs which can only load one font at one time despite have language tag support in it.


Shakopee, Minnesota — January 30, 2010
Michael Browers, an independent font designer and developer, announced the launch of his new website, Streamlined to focus solely on Michael's catalogue of fonts and licensing information, the new site showcases recent and upcoming font releases, developed in collaboration with Elnara Browers, that feature cyrillic character sets.

"Elnara Browers multilinqualism has been invaluable in developing fonts with extended character sets," said Michael Browers. "Consulting with Elnara has enabled new, and future, releases to support a broader base of languages including western & central europe, baltic, Turkish, Romanian, and cyrillic."

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