Anatomia — from Scottish to Grotesk


Hello people,
I'm asking for feedback on a project I've been working on the past 9 months. Everything started with the Type Design course @ Poli.Design in Milan. In a group of three people, we recieved the brief of creating some typeface to be used in high-res starting from a typeface with a low-resolution.

We found this old anatomy book (→ from which the name, "anatomia") printed in the early XX century, set in this ugly scottish face with exaggerated details that made it work in small sizes.

Logotype advice: Scottish or Edwardian


This may be a bit of an imposition, but I was wondering if someone would be willing to give some logo-making advice: I'd like to take a shot at making a logo for a research group at a Scottish university, consisting essentially only of a few letters (probably "E-CoS" or "E-CS"). Are there any typefaces typical of Scotland or of Britain of the Edwardian era that would go nicely as a logotype?