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the color of medieval text

In medieval text there seems to be a frequent use of red and blue lettering. Does anyone recreating medieval texts (or imitating them in advertising, book cover design, etc.) have a standard Pantone color that best represents these? Absolute precision isn't necessary; I'm just trying to invoke the (admittedly large and diverse) era through the color of the text.

(By the way, there is a Pantone "medieval blue" but it is darker than the typical blue used in medieval texts, which is more like this.)


I'm searching for an older post. The author needed help in identifying a Sans-serif and uploaded a picture in which the font was placed on a blue sky background, in the lower part of the image the roof a building is shown. The font's colour was white.

I can't remember the name of the topic/author and it's a rather new post, but i can't find it. I discovered it on Wednesday 13th.

Hope you can help me out somehow



I'm trying to figure out the font used in the Blue Valentine trailer. It's so beautiful and serify. It's probably going to be something very obvious as I feel like I've seen this before.

See attached images! Thanks!

I need help identifying this font in my client's logo. I am redesigning his website, and need to use it!

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