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character map

Help! OpenType & Small Caps Glyphs Vs. using Opentype with other formats interchangably


* Has anyone had any problems using the Small Caps feature in an Open Type font purchase?

* Has anyone had problems using Open Type in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel?

I'm working on a project for a client in which I'm rebranding their marketing materials. I'm using Gill Sans Small Caps for headings and Gill Sans Roman, italic bold etc. I use both a Mac and PC. The client uses a PC.

Easy way to generate a Glyph/Character Map of fonts?


Does any one know how to create a Glyph/Character map, say like how myfonts.com uses? http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/fontbureau/juliana/text-roman/characters.html

I am trying to create some previews of my font designs, but cannot find a way to do something like this, and in a batch process. Any ideas?

I Need a SUPER Character Map

I run on Windows XP Pro. Over the last few years I've been "collecting" some good quality OpenType fonts, many from P22 Type Foundry in their "PRO" format. The "PRO" .otf files include a lot of the special characters: ligatures, glyphs, swash caps. small caps, etc., etc.

Problem: The Windows Character Map accessory program will only show me the standard 256 characters usually included in .ttf fonts.

I use a page layout program (Serif PagePlus X3) that is able to display and implement a font's special characters. But, having to open large, fullblown software just to view a character's map is ponderous.