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Searching for 30 Degree angle modern italic sans (like gotham light, brandon light)

I am trying to pair a "play button" with type running at a 30 degree angle. After searching online for a while I thought I would ask you all.

I am looking for 30 degree angle modern italic sans (like gotham light, brandon light).

Attached sketch of what I am looking for.


In search, and need, of this font!


Hi all!

This is my first visit and your help would be much appreciated! I was on the website of houseandgarden and found their font so simple and nice to work with. However, I could not identify the font on several websites. I am hoping one of you knows what font this is!


I am not sure if the text "20 HIPSTER HOME TRENDS WE LOVE" and the text below the image "The £3 magic decorating tape from Japan. If you're a hipster, you use it to create your moodboard - you know, " are the same... But I want to know :)

Thanks a lot.

Structural sans-serif with swash?

This may be a common question, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a structural sans-serif (like Gotham or Proxima Nova) that had an alternate character set with colorful swashes, like Caslon or Garamond do.

I frequently find myself wanting to set headlines in a strong, simple face and then dress up one or two letters; if I had such a font in my back pocket, I think it could happen. I'd appreciate any leads!