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I am trying to pair a "play button" with type running at a 30 degree angle. After searching online for a while I thought I would ask you all.

I am looking for 30 degree angle modern italic sans (like gotham light, brandon light).

Attached sketch of what I am looking for.


Hi all!

This is my first visit and your help would be much appreciated! I was on the website of houseandgarden and found their font so simple and nice to work with. However, I could not identify the font on several websites. I am hoping one of you knows what font this is!

I am not sure if the text "20 HIPSTER HOME TRENDS WE LOVE" and the text below the image "The £3 magic decorating tape from Japan. If you're a hipster, you use it to create your moodboard - you know, " are the same... But I want to know :)

Thanks a lot.

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What is this font

Does anyone know the name of this font? I can see there are some custom tweaks, but i still believe that it is font and not a custom made lettering. Thank you

Can anyone help me with the typeface on "Avalon" in this logo?
I've been searching and can't crack this one.


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font similar to LHF Asylum

Can anyone suggest some fonts that are similar to the LHF Asylum font? I love this font but am put-off by the their privacy policies.I am also looking for an alternative to their LHF Chesham Sans. Not being able to share this font legitimately with my printer and web designer is ridiculous.

Sorry, Whatthefont cannot recognize this one:

can anyone check if this a common font?'s picture

Font search

Ok, I give up. I recognize this font but cannot find it by Whatthefont or whatever,,,... please help!


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Rectangular Blair ITC

hello there,

I am looking for a font that looks like BLAIR ITC but elongated (portrait) rather than square. Google did not yield any answers. Anybody any ideas?
Many thanks

I'm narrowing down a type recommendation, and now I'd like to see something more natural than a specimen sheet. have any of your critical eyes found these two faces in use:

  • OurType’s Parry
  • FF Legato

This may be a common question, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a structural sans-serif (like Gotham or Proxima Nova) that had an alternate character set with colorful swashes, like Caslon or Garamond do.

I frequently find myself wanting to set headlines in a strong, simple face and then dress up one or two letters; if I had such a font in my back pocket, I think it could happen. I'd appreciate any leads!

Hello there.

In search of a simple and elegant typeface (like Anziano SC) that has
an R whose tail swoops down below the baseline.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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