Hey there, need help identifying the typeface ONE uses on their annual report. The R is a definite tell, but I can't for the life of me find the typeface. Thank you.

Hi gang!
Can you help me to identify this type?
thanks and have a good weekend :)

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Looks very Swiss to me, except the G, any ideas? Thanks guys!

Can anyone help identify the above font and equivalents.



I'm looking for a Bold Condensed / Compressed that matches "Solano" only with Hebrew Characters?

Does anyone know where to head to?

Thank you


Anyone have ideas for the 2 fonts on this image?
Thank you very much!

Hello Typophiles! I have to recreate a rough png logo to a vector, I figiured I'd ask for some help before doing too much work!

Does anyone recognize this font? I'm sure the font is bold in the image. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and save me quite a bit of work!


I am trying to recreate this logotype because the original files have been lost.

It may be two different typefaces -- it's hard to tell. What the Font couldn't help me...

I'm looking for the typeface on Pro Taper specifically the one used in the slideshow images on the home page. I've found similar but nothing that included any italics.

I came as close as Grotesk SSH-Heavy, but can't be sure.

Great exhibition, btw.

Can anyone tell me what font is used in the Gone Freelancing logo? Seen here:


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an ID on the typeface Target used for “celebrate earth month” here:


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an ID on the typeface Target used for “celebrate earth month” here:


Alcalá is based on the document “Biblia poliglota complutense”, aka Bible polyglotte d'Alcalá.
It was the first edition of a complete polyglot Bible, as well as the first printed version of New Testament in Greek, the Seventy and Targoum Onkelos. Conceived between 1502 and 1517, it was thought, financed and largely by cardinal Francisco Gimenez de Cisneros.
The first drawings go back to 1995. A second version was started in 2011 in order to answer the ordering of a publisher to compose a Bible based on the translation revised of J. N. Darby in French and Madagascan. Drawings are optimized for uses in small sizes.

apologies for the small image. any help with this is appreciated. i should know this…

does anyone recognise the typeface below?
Thanks, Steffen

First spotted here in an article for Gemma O'Brien on LetterCult.
I don't know whether to describe this as a slab or transitional serif, either way I'd love to know what the name of the actual font is.

Any ideas?

Hey People,

Are there anyone who can tell me what this font name is or one who look like?

This is my debut typeface (which is still untitled).
What initially meant to be modular serif inspired by arab calligraphy, turned out into somewhat modernist base with elements used by older serif typeface styles.

Some glyphs still need work - namely N, Q, X, f, x, 4, 8.
Also I haven't started to work on kerning yet.
And FL technical features are like a plane cockpit to me.

These analogues are the closest of what I managed to find:
Sahara Bodoni
Austin Fat
Nouvelle Vague

Greater Albion Typefounders has just launched the Doncaster family on Myfonts and Fontspring.

Doncaster is a bold display face which emphasises legibility and clarity, but which combines those qualities with a distinctive flair. The designs have a timeless quality, making them equally at home today or even in Victorian inspired design work. All of the faces are ideal for poster work, signage or for really eye-catching but not ostentatious headings and titles. Seven faces are offered combining upper and lower case forms with incised and embossed decoration as well as an italic form.

Here is a specimen sheet showing all seven faces:

Can anyone identify this font from a Brazilian sports mag? That X looks familiar.

Anyone? Thanks

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