Can anyone identify this font from a Brazilian sports mag? That X looks familiar.

Anyone? Thanks

Hello could you please help me to identify the font used in this title ?
Many thanks to all

Can some one help identify this Font, I need to get as close as possible for a picky client.

Its not Vag Rounded, Arial Rounded or Helvetica Rounded, All have been rejected as well as a few free fonts like Plump and Franks Reg.

Sorry about the wafty picture, the sample is foil blocked and my phone camera doesn't like the reflection.


Hello all,

I'd like to announce the release of the work-in-progress version of my new typeface, Otama. All thoughts and opinions are very much welcome and appreciated.

Free to download from



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WTF (what the font?)

highlighted in yellow...a little help!

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Bold Serif Font

Hi there!

Anyone know what typeface was used for Jozi Rising?

Would appreciate any help. Thanks :)

Does anyone know what the typeface is that Radiohead are using for their new album cover? It's a condensed gothic of some sort, but I can't pin it down.

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Laffy Fatty

Laffy Fatty is a super thick, unabashedly kitschy display face.

This is off one of a series of industrial information posters from the communist era in Hungary that I bought in Budapest a few years ago. (The other posters have different typefaces, ranging from Gill Sans to Helvetica and a few more more-or-less interesting ones I can't identify, might post them later if there's interest.) The text reads: "do not touch the oxygen flasks with oily greasy hands". Design in Hungary was good but tended to change less with the times, therefore the very wide time range.

I've photographed, cropped, cleaned up and tried to straighten this as best I could, though it's still a bit warped. Whatthefont turns up nothing. Any ideas? Some of the letterforms are slightly awkward (especially the g) but overall I like it a lot.


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Hand cut?

Could you identify the font used in this headline?

(I'm sorry but I don't have better quality image, in the original image the edges are straight)

Than you for all the hints.

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My first font Calzone

This is a font ive been working, is inspired by the amazing "Mostra" from Mark Simonson. I wanted a font with a old feel to use on my vintage artworks and graphics, it started as a vector file that i use, but them i keep adding more characters and turned it into a real font. I would like to know the opinion of the people here about this font. Thanks.

I'm updating some fonts originally created in Fontographer 3.5. While creating the bold on some of the characters FontLab is misshaping them.

The first page of the attached PDF shows before, the second page after the bold effect.

Using the change weight in Fontographer also caused a problem unless I first used the "Correct path direction," which fixes the problem in Fontographer. However, after correcting the path and regenerating the Type1 font from Fontographer so it could be opened in FontLab did not help the problem in FontLab.

I've played with the various path tools in FontLab but have had no success. I'm guess there is something I'm missing that will fix this short of manually reshaping the character.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Making a bold font in Fontlab


We maintain a font for a client that we're moving to OpenType and they want to make the bold version a little heavier while we do this.

I can use the bold effect to get the glyphs to look the way I want them but is there a way to get Fontlab to expand the width of the character as well when changing the weight of the glyph? Seems like this would be a basic function but I've not yet found it.

I imagine with Python I might be able to script something to "record" the bearings, adjust the glyph weight and reset the bearings to what they were but I've NO idea how to even begin using Python.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here are samples of Greater Albion Typefounders' latest two releases, which have just launched on and

Paragon is a display Roman family of nine faces, combining elements of formality and fun. It embodies a high degree of contrast between near hairline horizontal strokes and bold vertical strokes. The family is offered in three widths and in regular, small capitals and title faces. Use Paragon to lend impact to your next design project.

Hi there. Looking to ID the fonts used in both "CONQUER" and "CANVAS" in this pic.


Thanks in advance for any and all help!


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Help! Bold Slab Serif

Howdy, Internet.

Trying to identify the type used for "Book of Majors." Sure it's something simple, but I just can't place it.

Thanks all,


I've been working this font for a while now, and now that I've finally sketched out all the letters, I'd really appreciate some critique on the overall design of the letters before I move on to spacing/kerning/doing more weights.

In the design, I've tried to mimic several features of monospaced typefaces, keeping the typeface condensed, however allowing wider charecters like m, M, w and W.

I guess its not a good thing that I created the Bold weight first, but I guess a way to make it into a whole familiy would be to make a Light weight, and then use interpolation to create a Regular weight.

I hope you'll like it, but please do not hesitate to point out the weak parts of it.

Thanks in advance,


Hello! ,

I´m designing my first typography and I would like to listen to experts opinions because Im planning on presenting it on a type expo.

Thanks in advance , Looking forward to read you comments.



Over a year ago I started thinking of new font names, er...a theme of different font names for a different family of different styles :P At last, Beefcakes is in the final stages and is scheduled for release on August 20th, w00t! It is the first of the "Cakes" series, a collection of display fonts inspired by various brush lettering styles. The series will include Beefcakes, Babycakes, Hotcakes, Paddycakes and Sweetcakes, and as each typeface is unique (not to mention time-consuming to draw!) they will be released as they're finished...


Beefcakes, Babycakes, Hotcakes, Paddycakes and Sweetcakes are trademarks of Rebeletter Studios and may be registered under certain jurisdctions.

Hi again,

I'm on a (rather quick) quest for a quirky/organic humanist sans serif in a heavy weight. The word I'm setting is "Coffey," so bonus points for a nice ff ligature.

On my list:
Hypatia Sans (if I can figure out where to buy it)
Lapidaria Sans

There are 6 billion people live in the world and thousands of different languages! We are not ready for all of them yet but we are happy to announce Public Gothic Typeface Family is now available in 42 new languages!
The updated Family is available at and We are strongly recommending to all of our users to use Public Gothic Family Update R 1.01. We are giving this update to all our licensed owners for free and have already sent an email for this update to all of our licensed users. But If you are a licensed owner and have not received anything from us, please contact our sales department!

What's included?

Caridade is a bold and powerful script face. It draws some inspiration from heavy brush drawn vintage hand lettering but its heavy weight is much thicker with plenty of impact and more contemporary letterforms. The face offers a wide array of weights, from the powerful Heavy weight to the graceful Thin.

Caridade can get the job done for many unique design tasks.

I'm in desperate need of this font for my wedding invitations. I spotted this font in an invitation suite by Mae Mae Paperie and now I have to have it!

Thanks in advance

- Z.

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