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film titles

Typeface advice for mid-century design/architecture-themed documentary film


I'm producing a film that's centered around mid-century modernism, design, and architecture. The subjects of the film are American designers and architects, and the time period is chiefly between the very early 1950s and the mid 1960s. I'd love your opinions and your help in researching period- and genre-appropriate directions to take my onscreen titles. More info inside.

Bande Á Part title font

Hello everyone,

I'm really keen to find out what font Goddard used in his titles to Bande Á Part. It's quite an unusual but really beautiful, chunky sans, anyone know what it is? The different treatment of the capital R and P make it a bit special.

The film came out in 1964 if thats any use, and a google search revealed sweet nothing on the font front.


Mininum Font Size for the Big Screen?


I wonder if one of you typophiles is an expert in typography for the big screen.
I'm working on a title design and some rolling credits for a short movie.

The font I'm using is NITTI TYPEWRITER in size 35px. But I heard some concerns that the font still might be too small when shown on a cinema screen. The film will be shown on the big movie screen as well as on television.

Does anyone know, what the minimum font size for screening text in a movie theater should be?

Is there a common rule of thumb how a font size "changes" between a TV screen or a big screen?

Thesis on film titles



I am a graphic design student and have just started writing a thesis for my Bachelor Degree, about film title design and its relationship to film, and about the effects of the title design on the audience and their perception of a film. I was just wondering if anyone hade any tips on authors or books on this subject? Or maybe you have any other suggestions as to where I might find valuable information?



ps. hope I have posted this in the right place - I'm new here, so sorry if not.