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Suggestions for a combination of fonts to be used in a math thesis


Greeting font anthusiasts,

I have recently finished typing up my Ph.D. thesis in math and I am looking to improve its overall appearance. Let me say right off the bat that the standard font that tex uses, i.e. Knuth's computer modern, is not bad; I'd simply like to explore some further options. I am using the KOMA script latex package which sets chapter and section headings in sans of whatever font family is used for the main text. While this can be changed, i.e. need not be sans of anything, I think I'd like to keep this feature and thus use a serif typeface for the main body and a sans typeface for section and chapter headings.

Academic writing fonts

Since I have very limited knowledge about typography, I'm reaching out to you guys for some help. I'm currently finishing my Master's thesis and looking for a nice typeface to go with it. I'm looking for a serif, but I don't want it to be too classical. What would you recommend for the body text? And for the headers?

Hope you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance!

Masters Thesis about Corporate Typography


I am planning to write my Masters Thesis about corporate typography and its effects in brand communication and I'm in dire need of some help in finding any kind of theoretic basis for my work.

I have a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, i feel at home, when it comes to the history of typography.
There is a lot of material about the history of type anatomy of type etc. However im doing my Masters in Social Sciences, and there is very little, if any theoretic work about the effects of typography in visual communication or brand communication.

Thesis Fonts Basics


We see a number of thesis/dissertation fonts discussions. I have never done one, and am curious about the underlying assumptions, which never seem to be discussed.

Who is the target audience? Is it a small group of professors who evaluate the thesis? Or every one in the design, chemistry, whatever program at the school? Or everyone in the world interested in that subject? Or the kind people who paid for the schooling? Or other? Is there a primary and secondary audience?

Are we talking about a printed document, or a pdf document viewed on a screen, or both? If both, does it get re-typeset for a different medium? Are these professionally typeset or mostly done by the student?

Please help:::Recommend typeface for design thesis

Hi, I am writing my thesis in design studies now - subjects about a concept suit to help with the problem of heat stress in the migrant worker population in Qatar - I am really having trouble selecting a typeface - any suggestions - I am gravitating towards a slab serif or semi serif, maybe humanist (not sure though), with a true italic, with an attractive "&" and "Q"... any suggestions? ShouldI just go with Adobe Caslon or Adobe Jenson?Need help


Thesis topic


I am a Graphic Design student and I am making my 3rd attempt to write a thesis. By writing here, I consider myself desperate, because I cannot find a topic for my thesis. The only thing I clarified for myself is that I am interested in typography and calligraphy. And writing a thesis on these topics could help me to use what I've learned in my future projects.
Although I am reading everywhere in attempt to find something which would excite me, I am at a dead end.
So I am asking for your help.

I have in mind some questions, but I am wondering if they could evolve into a thesis argument:

1. Which are the limits of calligraphy?
2. What's the connection between typography/calligraphy and music?

Font combination for scientific PhD thesis

Hey all,

I'm looking for some help with a nice font combination for my PhD thesis. I wrote it in MS Word (big mistake), but after seeing the font used by LaTeX (CMU family), I initially chose CMU Bright for headings and CMU Serif for body text.

This feels a little antiquated now, and I'd like a clean and modern feel to the thesis. I've been playing with a couple of different font combinations, and have settled on:

Open Sans (Light/Bold)
Bree (Thin)


Research paper on Bodoni/transitional


Hey all!

This is my first post, so be gentle. My professor, Pablo Medina, suggested this place to ask for some insight on a research paper I'm doing.

I'm basically in the formative throws right now, but I'm working towards some sort of thesis. I'm thinking about discussing how Bodoni as a transitional typeface bridges the gap between serif and sans serif fonts, and/or something else to do with its place in history.

As I said-- formative throws.

My main point of posting here is to ask if you guys can recommend any good sources, print or otherwise, for me to read up on the history and help myself get as close to a perfect grade as possible!

Anything would be appreciated, even just insight.


New type taxonomy

When I was fresh out of school I wanted to do a grandiose thesis to prove myself and ended up working for 8 years without my diploma. Now I just want to do a simple thesis project to be able to teach a couple of classes.

I am aiming to propose a new type taxonomy system for latin alphabet typefaces and I would like your valuable opinion to help me decide if this is reasonable and achievable.

I know typophiles are not fond of type classifications because they tend to misrepresent the universe of the typographic inventory. My aim is no to try to create a new definitive or better system but to explore a different perspective.

Need Font Choice For Thesis


Hello every one,

I am a student at the City College of New York and is doing my thesis now,
My thesis is about signage system in a 3-d form/ structure.

and is in search of a nice serif font to go with the system.
I am working on the sketch for the structure now.

but I am wondering if anyone has information on the fonts choice that's
suitable for such project?
nicely defined san serif fonts and maybe with some variations?

any reply is greatly appreciated. again,

thanks all,

Thesis on film titles



I am a graphic design student and have just started writing a thesis for my Bachelor Degree, about film title design and its relationship to film, and about the effects of the title design on the audience and their perception of a film. I was just wondering if anyone hade any tips on authors or books on this subject? Or maybe you have any other suggestions as to where I might find valuable information?



ps. hope I have posted this in the right place - I'm new here, so sorry if not.


Indices : Typefaces : Thesis

From LucasFonts

Thesis is a large font superfamily, deisgned in the late 90s by Luc(as) de Groot of LucasFonts. Thesis fonts have become popular and can be seen in various publications or logotypes. The range of weights are designed using de Groot’s “interpolation theory”.

The fonts include TheSans, a humanist sans-serif similar to Frutiger and Segoe; TheSerif, a slab-serif; TheMix, a slab-serif font lacking some serifs; and just recently, TheAntiqua, a serif font.