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DTL vs. MT Albertina

Both releases are considered as definitive versions and at first sight the DTL Albertina and the MT Albertina seem to be identical to each other. But on closer inspection slight differences reveal themselves to the beholder (e.g. how the serifs flow out of the stems or how the curves are drawn).

I’ve drawn a first comparison between some of the characters. I’ve chosen the characters “E”, “F”, “e” and “c”, because “E” and “F” as well as “e” and “c” have some common ground, so that one can review the consistency and the homogeneity of the design.

Fonts like Scala, Albertina, Minion


my favorite serif typefaces up to now are in particular Albertina (is there a difference between the digital releases by DTL and Monotype?) and Scala, but also Minion. Bembo and Dante are as well fine typefaces with fine italics, but have in my opinion a too literary tone.

I’m in search of »my« typeface and have compared a lots of fonts. Albertina, Scala and Minion are clean, clear and neutral typefaces with (and that’s importent) wonderfual crisp italics! I consider to purchase a license for the MT Albertina Pro, but first want to be certain that I didn’t ignore an alternative.

If you have some alternatives in mind, please let me know! Thank you.

Kind regards


Sans serif that works well with Albertina and Scala



I’m a typographic layman, nevertheless interested in typography. My favorite serif typefaces are up to now Albertina and FF Scala.
I’m looking for a sans serif typeface that works well as a headline-font with Albertina and Scala. The aim is to set scientific texts. But the typeface ought to work well for body text, too.

My search led me to FF Kievit—a wonderful clear and neutral typeface. Now I’m looking for a typeface that is as clear and neutral as Kievit is, but that has other proportions (when this is the right word for it)—something like DTL Documenta Sans (has unfortunately only one weight), Scala Sans (in my opinion not as clear and neutral as Kievit, but with a wonderful italic like Auto 1 italic (by Underware), or DTL Caspari.