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InDesign CS5, Adobe World-Ready composer, a & hamza (ʾ) problem

I wonder if anybody has come across this problem and could help me to understand it further. I noticed that when the hamza diacritic (U+02BE) follows 'a' and the two are italicised, the hamza either gets thrown off or disappears. This occurs for a number of fonts when using the Adobe World-Ready composer in InDesign CS6, Windows 10.
The problem occurs for a number of fonts, including system fonts like Calibri (Microsoft), Arial (Monotype_, and Times New Roman (Monotype).

Substitute for Linux Libertine, also compliment to Libertine

My client likes and uses Linux Libertine in his text documents. I'm designing a logo for him and want to use a more quality, error free font. Any suggestions for something most similar in style to Linux Libertine?

Also, what do you suggest as a san serif compliment?


Hi there,

I created a small typography project on Kickstarter to create a notepad inspired by the design and typography of the classic Mac OS.

I would appreciate feedback,
especially if you got any additional information or resources on the Chicago Typeface by Susan Kare that you think could or should be added - I would be very thankful.



Kerning problem

Hello everyone, I would like to bring to your attention an issue with which I'm up against because of my inexperience.
I have to create a logo in Glypha with the word "Tarbord". Now, I do not know how to treat the letters and whether kerning is something that is usually used in cases like this, or is believed to be something wrong because it goes to modify the original values created by the designer. Setting the optical kerning seems to me that the result is better than setting autokerning but I read that this procedure is not recommended and that it is preferable to set the kerning manually. I'm working with a text size of 100 points. What values do you think are the best to get a satisfactory result?
Thanks a lot.

Help needed to find suitable fonts

Hi all,

I'm a graphic design student who's very interested in typography. Currently I'm working on a project where I need to select 3 sans-serif fonts. First one is more general like, that is either very over used or has very basic shapes (my choices were Helvetica, Arial Times New Roman) Second one, needs to depict precise and clear information (science publications) (my choices were Akkurat, Din, Replica) And third one is mostly used for philosophical, art statements (like for example Laurence Wiener works) (Trade Gothic, Franklin Gothic, Knockout) I'm open for any other suggestions or corrections. And thank you very much in advance.

Technique for Kerning.

Hello friends, I hope you can help me with this issue I this dizzy ...

Topic: "KERNING"
Clarification: I do not mean to large text or entire paragraphs, I mean words of 3 to 10 characters maximum (eg logo)

I try to find a professional technique or a good technique to help me put a good KERNING.

I know there is KERNING button on Ps and Ai, but for what I need I think it would be more correct and professional do otherwise.

I know pages as Myfonts and FontShop among many others, and I realized that in these pages is has a default KERNING system that apparently is very well placed on purpose.

Typeface for packaging

Hey there! I´m in a conflict with the selection of the typeface for a project that I need to do. The project is to design a light bulb pack. We already have the design of the pack me and my colleague. I can attach you some samples that I did but I´m not totally convinced though of the result. The style is a bit minimalistic I could say.
Feel free to make any suggestions.


Packaging design crit

Hey folks! I haven't been on here in a loooong time (so long that I had to make a new username, couldn't remember the old one!), stepped away from design for a bit while starting a food company. Now, I'm in the process of designing bags for our caramel popcorn, and could use some feedback!

Name of the company is Boujie Baking Co., (from "bourgeois"). Tagline is Fancy Schmancy Goodness. Basically, we make gourmet foods without the gourmet attitude. (Sir Kensington's is a great example of a similar brand message.)

Help with figuring out fonts for Forum website

What do you guys think of PT Sans for a forum community. I'm using it right now at https://www.physicsforums.com and I really like it for UI/Nav but I was playing with Georgia for post content. Would they work well together? Is PT Sans good enough for post content? Thanks!!

kerning in fontforge


this is my first post in the forum. Let me first introduce myself. My name ist Karsten (alias PoohBear) and I have lately found this new interesting software fontforge. And it amazes me what one can do with the software, I am not into fontdesign professionally, but I am playing with the idea of creating my own stuff. I love to play with all kinds of things.

Anyway, I am not getting fontforge to kern those few letters that I have designed. I am testing those few letters "ABCDEaoge" in browsers by inserting
@font-face {
font-family: "myFont";
src: url("myFont.ttf") format('truetype');