Does anyone have any tips on creating TTF files for @font-face usage? I have a script going in fontforge to generate all the basic formats for online (ttf,eot,woff,svg) but my one issue is how to get the TTF into a protected format. I have seen people export the TTF before where you cannot just open it locally, or install it. I know its not 100% bullet proof, but I am just curious does anyone know how to do this, preferably in fontforge?

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Extract Font Face

Can someone tell me how to extract a font face from a font family? I have the Gill Sans font family but need Gill Sans bold as a separate font.

It's complicated to explain why, but I'm working on a big Flash project and the engineering team can only get one face for a font to work with our embedding process. I need both font faces as their own font to embed them both.



is anywhere a table showing which foundry supports and allows which webfont technology? I couldn't really find anything close to what I mean, so I put together quickly this draft:

Is there something like this already? Or should I publish it and kindly ask you to help me with adding more foundries?

Thank you


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