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Problems kerning Bembo

Hi everyone, first post here.

I found typophile while looking for some infos about Bembo Std (picked up from the Adobe shop) which I'm using for a book.
First of all in the Adobe page there's the following statement:
"Bembo Std family is designed to be used at a text size of 8.0 points"
So, is it a problem if I set size to 11pt ?

I also have a little problem with kerning (I'm using InDesign).
I set "Metric" in the paragraph style (I read "Optical" is not the best choice for text ) but the result is not so good.
Especially for the "V". The kerning is automatically set to -175 with the result that there's almost no space between the "V" and previous character.

I'm using a Type1 Bembo in MS Word 2010 and I need to set the lower case "o" with Hungarian umlauts. Can this be accomplished? I have the Expert Set and the SmallCaps set, but neither of those contains the character I need.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to typography and just starting my first typography 1 course; one of our assignments is to find print examples of typefaces from a list composed by my instructor. I've found nearly all of them (14/18) but I'm having trouble finding these last 4. I just bought the latest editions of In Style, Details, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour to try and find adverts with these typefaces but I'm not really having any luck training my eye up. I've spent the last two days combing through newspaper adverts, yellow pages adverts, and these magazines and it hasn't jumped out at me. So here are the typefaces I'm looking for:

Times New Roman

and I could do with a better example of Eurostile but it isn't necessary... Thanks to anyone that could help me out.


my favorite serif typefaces up to now are in particular Albertina (is there a difference between the digital releases by DTL and Monotype?) and Scala, but also Minion. Bembo and Dante are as well fine typefaces with fine italics, but have in my opinion a too literary tone.

I’m in search of »my« typeface and have compared a lots of fonts. Albertina, Scala and Minion are clean, clear and neutral typefaces with (and that’s importent) wonderfual crisp italics! I consider to purchase a license for the MT Albertina Pro, but first want to be certain that I didn’t ignore an alternative.

If you have some alternatives in mind, please let me know! Thank you.

Kind regards


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