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Times Blackletter ID

After heavy google searching, whatthefont.com and searching other type databases including my own. I've yet to find any possible matches or similar Type. This "Times" is a Nameplate for a Newspaper in the Middle East. I was asked to update the Nameplate, However keeping the Traditional "Times" in tact.

So, before I take the time to recreate the type from scratch, I thought I would ask to see if anyone else had an idea of what typeface this was. (No EPS, AI, or any vector format was available. )

Thanks for your help,

Newspaper Redesign Critique!

Professional typographers and designers,

I've been redesigning our school newspaper for weeks/months when I can fit it in between my schoolwork.
I'm throwing it up for critique here.
I'll also post what I started with.
Please let me know your honest opinions.
Is the new design more succesful? If so, why?
Is the nameplate too edgy?
I'm eager to hear anything you can offer me.

Many thanks,