Individual glyph contours hierarchy in Fontlab


Hello everyone,

I'm working on rather experimental font - each glyph consists of many horizontal stripes (individual paths/contours)

Is there any way to re-arrange thier hierarchy/order?

For exmple the top contour would be #1 and the last one #23 ? (or otherwise)

I've figured out how to display their numbers (ctrl + F7) but how to change their order?

Thumby and time consuming solution would be probably "cut and paste" in the right order but I'm looking for something more effective.

Any help appreciated,

Typographic hierarchy

Hey guys!
Im new at typography and like some pointers!


I am making a book about banknote design and im wondering about the seperation of the body text. After the copy header (or what do you call it) there is also a space on the right side, automatically added by indesign. Is this decent typography or should i try to align the right row with the top of the body header?

This is one big text box by the way with paragraph styles.

Thank you,

Newspaper Redesign Critique!

Professional typographers and designers,

I've been redesigning our school newspaper for weeks/months when I can fit it in between my schoolwork.
I'm throwing it up for critique here.
I'll also post what I started with.
Please let me know your honest opinions.
Is the new design more succesful? If so, why?
Is the nameplate too edgy?
I'm eager to hear anything you can offer me.

Many thanks,