Arabic Fonts

Peace be upon all my friends!

I want to create my own font for honorifics, to use in my website.

The challenge is that I would like to create ligatures to ensure that entire phrases are replaced by glyphs.

Could you guide me on which is the best tool for this purpose? I am new to this, and would love to have a tool that is intuitive. Paid options will also do.


Please ID this font.

I scanned this from some old documents which were produced by typesetting block letters.

Please suggest any fonts matching this sample.

Thanks and regrads.

Country’s Leading Newspaper Enlists Linotype’s Nadine Chahine to Design Typeface in Memory of Gebran Tueni, An-Nahar’s Former Editor and Publisher

Oh mountain, no wind can shake you” – this is the Lebanese saying that inspired Linotype typeface designer Nadine Chahine as she created the Gebran2005™ typeface. Designed for An-Nahar, Lebanon’s leading Arabic-language daily newspaper, Chahine’s creation is part of a major redesign of the publication, available in its new look beginning today in Beirut.

“We will continue to shine a bright light on the importance of free speech in the Middle East that will not be dimmed”

Someone with an interest/knowlegde in contemporary arabic typography?

I am working on a project in the middle east and looking for the arabic companion to Geogrotesque - any suggestions on which font to choose?


Dear all,

This is my first post on this site. I’m beginner in designing Arabic fonts.
For a long time I was looking for a design guide for Arabic fonts on internet for accomplishing my own design of nastaaliq-shekasta, but didn’t find ANYthing else than a few companies that just sell their products. I have many troubles with Arabic OpenType features especially mkmk, mark and kashiada[?].
*Could you introduce me a free guide or handbook about Arabic fonts, or a complete OpenType features guide?
* How can I learn about mkmk and mark? could you help me?
* Which programs you are using to design OTF tables?
* Can I ask some more questions here? or this forum is just for experts?

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