class metrics

I'm kerning a font, and the blue characters (that indicate that a glyph is part of a metrics class) in the Kerning palette of the Metrics Window distract me, so I can't as easily see where the kerning problems are.

Is there a way to turn off the blue characters?

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Fonlab tutorials

I'm pretty new at working with fontlab, and i have been searching the web for tutorials, the manual is horrible, 'learning fontlab fast' was usefull but lacks depth (and is a complete eyesore). I found some usefull stuff on youtube, but i need more before i can continue.

does anyone know if there are better tutorials that provide a little more depth?

for instance with class kerning and metrics (i'm allergic to code, but this looks doable), is anyone actually using that? Cause it looks like a great way to get the basics right, but i'm not sure if i will be able to undo it without ruining what i did so far.

some help please

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