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Please Critique my first typeface design !


I would like a critique of my first typeface design, it is comprised of 3 versions: a standard clean neo-grotesque, an alternative version that has multiple alternatives, and a "advertising" version that has a much higher x height, along with a shorter ascender/descender line, with a more expressive feel to it. all three versions will be released under the name "Dawson Grotesque"
All advice is appreciated! This has been a project of mine for quite some time — and is my first baby, so please help me make it perfect for its release in the near future !
Thanks .

Workplace Sans


As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I stumbled into type design by semi-accident and have been trying to teach myself the basics ever since. Workplace Sans is the font that got me into the whole mess. :)

Website: http://www.altsan.org/creative/fonts/workplace/index.html
Sample PDF (1.1 MB): http://www.altsan.org/creative/fonts/workplace/Type-Workplace.pdf

This warrants a rather lengthy explanation, so here goes...