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[Announcement] High-Logic released FontCreator 7


High-Logic recently released FontCreator 7 , introducing OpenType layout features, web font support, optical metrics, and a lot more.

Detailed information, screen shots, and a trial version are available through the product page.

We appreciate feedback; both here and at the forum:

Capitolium 2 Small Caps


Gerard Unger's multi-award winning typeface now features small caps in all of its styles. After the release of Capitolium 2 and Capitolium News 2, which take advantage of OpenType possibilities and feature a broader language coverage –including accents for northern and central Europe languages– editorial designers from around the globe started to ask for small cap support... You asked for it, we deliver!

http://Contact us for an upgrade!

Nassim sets news on BBC Arabic

You may have noticed this already, but I thought I better post it here anyway. Following the redesign of the mother-page of the BBC News, the BBC Arabic launched their redesigned website. It is probably one of the first, and certainly the biggest site yet to use webfonts – Arabic webfonts that is. It uses a custom version of Nassim by Titus Nemeth. The typeface was painstakingly optimized for screen and for web. Hinted by Thomas Grace and mastered into webfonts by Tim Ahrens.

You can read more on http://Titus' blog.

We will be releasing Nassim through Rosetta Type Foundry this year, see http://rosettatype.com/Nassim .

Few pictures:

Roger Excoffon, a forgotten centenary

A friend, who is by no means a typophile, brought to my attention this article from the culture blog of The Economist. It's about the centenary of the birth of Roger Excoffon, the great designer of the types Mistral, Banco, and Antique Olive, among others, and the man who gave Air France its trademark look in its heyday. To my French colleagues who were, apparently, oblivious to the event, I say "honte à toi! Honte inexpiable!"


Scott-Martin Kosofsky

Sans Serif for Magazine


Hi All,

I'm working in tandem with two in-house designers on a news magazine redesign. The new nameplate/logotype is a heavily customized amalgamation of http://Gotham Black and Font Bureau's Anisette Bold (think very wide and bold). The serif we've chosen is http://Glosa Display for big heads, and http://Glosa Text for body copy. We're also using http://Stag, a contemporary slab, for headlines, decks, etc.