Anyone have an ID on this baseball script?


We are proud to announce the release of our new typeface Fan Script


A typeface basically focus in sports but with a strong contemporary attitute
and ready to be used in any kind of projects.

We have designed a PDF specimen to show some of the possibilities of the font.

Can someone help me figure out what the font is to the San Diego Padres road jersey? Or if you could direct me to something similar that would be much appreciated. I attached a picture.

I'm trying to I.D this font. It seems similar to Marcelle but a heavier weight and no destruction.

Any help much appreciated.

Could use some expert advice on the name of this typeface. I've tried font sites that would allow for me to upload the same image and with no results for the name of the typeface.


Hey all! i'm in desperate need of finding the script font on the jersey of the attached photo. I'm making some graphics for them and they're being sticklers about keeping that look but they don't know what the font is. I'm having difficulty finding a script font that's upright AND doesn't haven't a loop in the 'l". I'd greatly appreciate your help! Thanks!

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