My very first typefaces Sadness and Grimoire have just been published in new and revised versions at Myfonts. After the tragic end of the established Fountain Type Foundry I had to ask myself the following question: Is there still any justification for the existence of my 20 year old fonts?

by Felix Braden

Hi everybody, here we are again: who knows what font is ? The only thing i know is that it's painted on the wall of this mechanic that asked to me to arrange a simple web site. Someone could help me please?

I would like to introduce the font: INVECTORS Band


Complete presentation:

Relased freely at:

This is a 'brother' of INVECTORS font relased earlier.
Feel free to leave a comment..

Good morning, everyone. I’m new at this forum, although I’ve been reading it since a very long time. My name is Mauricio Villamayor, I'm designing a calligraphic typeface for my thesis and I have a problem in doing it. I hope if you can help me with this situation.

Basically, the problem is with the ligatures. The typography has a lot of them, since the calligraphic characters are more complicated to bond harmonically. The ligatures work in all the combinations, except in the accented (acute accent) letters.
For example, a specific ligature exists for the combination “yo” (which works), but when I create the combination “yó”, it doesn’t work, indicating an error when I compile the ligaduras.

This is the specific error that shows:

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INVECTORS - free font

I would like to introduce a font: INVECTORS


Relased for free at:

This is my first font, it's a bit experimental. I would be interested to hear your opinions ;]
Thank you

Hello to anyone reading this.

I primarily work with typographic design of the Javanese script, one of Indonesia's traditional script, here's an image in case you never saw it

It is a very marginal script, without official status anywhere and declining number of users despite it's long history. I was wondering if there are any other writing system with similar situations. I'd like to know how users of other marginal, non-latin script handle their typography. Though generally, I would like to know about the typography scene of other scripts other than Latin and Arab (since those two are the most prominent, is it?)

This is my first post in typophile, so apologies if I made any mistake :)

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Girl character

A character named Girl. I did it for a personal research on Balenciaga style.

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What font is in this image?

Hello, I used a free favicon generator for the favicon on my profile site - - but I forgot to note down the font that I used in creating it. I would like to use the font in more logos/banners, but I have no idea what it could be. I've tried WTF, but none of the suggestions look right to me. I've attached the favicon as a png and appreciate any advice.


Hi everyone!
I would like to know wich font is this

Thank you very much!!

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know of a single typeface that has sans serif, serif, stencil, and inline (or outlined) styles? Again, I'm looking for a single typeface that has all of these styles included—I know, quite a tall order, but I'm curious if one exists. [Bad link] is the only one I know that comes close. It has a so-called normal style, but not a pure sans serif.


Hi everybody, this is my first post on the forum, and I'd like to present my font for you.
I'm going to relase it as free.

[Bad link]

I also welcome your feedback and comments..

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Playful Geometric Font

Looking for feedback on an exploration of basic shapes to form letters. I tried to utilize angles that by default would create a playful jumble without needing to do much, if any, rotation.

Hello everyone,

I have a simple yet annoying problem. I've seen this font on Yandex, and I can't nor can WhatTheFont identify it for me.

Can anyone help?

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Technology font?

Hi there,
I've been trawling through foundries looking for some 'new' stunning technology bias typefaces. Has anyone seen anything that looks amazing?


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Veuve Clicquot font

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a font id for the "Veuve Clicquot" block capitals.


I set a four letter logo in Gravur Condensed from Lineto which looks quite good, but it's hard to find a font/fonts to go with. Do you have any ideas? Looking forward for suggestions!

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Hi Everyone!

Please help me to know what font is in the picture. "ROACH TRAP" i don't know it's font!

Thanks a Lot in advance!

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Spry Roman

Hi all,
I just wanted to show my first release of 2015. Spry Roman was first created with lettering I did with a Zebra G pointed nib and ink on slightly toothy paper. I rework my lettering in Photoshop, but try to leave the look reasonably close to the original writing for fonts like this. Spry Roman is a fully featured Opentype font. It include Central European language support, a full set of small caps, simple fractions, ordinals, and a variety of ornaments and flourishes.

Currently available at:

I'm trying to find a font similar to this one if anyone could help!

Please see attached.


Hello guys! Happy New Year 2015!

Today i have released new version of Wallington : it's Wallington Pro!

Wallington Pro is a decorative-serif font embodying vintage and elegant curves with functional structure. Style is adopted from Old English cultures with their descendants around mid-12th century and Art nouveau in 19th century, it was inspired by natural forms and structures and the curved lines. Crafted with love and easy-to-read letter design.

Wallington Pro consists of 721 glyphs including 268 unique ligatures, 30+ catchwords and 10 stylistic sets.

Get Wallington Pro Discount - 63% OFF until 7 January!

Find out more at

Hello all!

Can anyone suggest a sans or a serif font to pair with Dala Moa?

Thanks a lot!

Hello my name is Jose Luis Ruvalcaba and I'm currently attending The Art Institute of Phoenix. I'm a senior and pursuing a degree in graphic design with a minor in typography. I'm currently enrolled in a font design class and I just completed my typeface! I would love your personal and professional opinion. Please let me know what you like and what would make this typeface better.

Hydrogenic Sans
By: Jose Luis Ruvalcaba

Hey guys,

I'm working on a typeface this quarter for a school class and need some critique from you type experts. The name of my typeface is "1800 Something" because it was Inspired by the “Franklin TYPE Foundry - Book of Specimens Edition of 1889”. The goal with this font was to use characteristics of 1800 typefaces and make them relevant again for type nerds alike. Basically i'm looking for any critique but I am specifically concerned with my drop shadow alternates, how can I make the drop shadow less illustrator stroke looking, it feels too blocky.

Thanks for any comments and all your critiques!


Whether it be classical, contemporary, or modern typographic forms, what typefaces scream "Shakespeare!" to you?

Also, can you folks identify original typefaces that are used in his publications?

Many thanks in advance. Hope you all had a great and filling Thanksgiving!

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