Hello my name is Jose Luis Ruvalcaba and I'm currently attending The Art Institute of Phoenix. I'm a senior and pursuing a degree in graphic design with a minor in typography. I'm currently enrolled in a font design class and I just completed my typeface! I would love your personal and professional opinion. Please let me know what you like and what would make this typeface better.

Hydrogenic Sans
By: Jose Luis Ruvalcaba

Hey guys,

I'm working on a typeface this quarter for a school class and need some critique from you type experts. The name of my typeface is "1800 Something" because it was Inspired by the “Franklin TYPE Foundry - Book of Specimens Edition of 1889”. The goal with this font was to use characteristics of 1800 typefaces and make them relevant again for type nerds alike. Basically i'm looking for any critique but I am specifically concerned with my drop shadow alternates, how can I make the drop shadow less illustrator stroke looking, it feels too blocky.

Thanks for any comments and all your critiques!


Whether it be classical, contemporary, or modern typographic forms, what typefaces scream "Shakespeare!" to you?

Also, can you folks identify original typefaces that are used in his publications?

Many thanks in advance. Hope you all had a great and filling Thanksgiving!

Hello Typophiles!
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Hey guys! need some help to identificate this font. Can you help me?

Hello all,

I found this image in an old french book of lettres. I was wondering if it could be desaturated and made into a font somehow. I do not have the resources or the know-how to do this. If you're able to do this and don't mind, I'd be very appreciative if you could send me over the .otf or .ttf file.



I'm working on updating my site's code from XHTML 1.1 to XHTML 5, part of that includes the music player. For years I've used an image for the media control characters though now since I'm doing the design update I want to make it easy for people who create themes to change the colors of the controls hence fonts and hence why I eventually wandered to these forums.

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Font Development

Hi all,

I'm new here and was advised by one of the many cloaked font enthusiasts to post my question here, so here goes.

I do an awful lot of graphic design for breweries, one of which has won me an award (about the only thing I've ever won in my life, but there you go).

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Font development

Hi all,

I'm new here and was advised by one of the many cloaked font enthusiasts to post my question here, so here goes.

I do an awful lot of graphic design for breweries, one of which has won me an award (about the only thing I've ever won in my life, but there you go).

Hi everybody! I am happy to announce the release of Cavatina: an experimental font for musical notation. It is the result of two years of work in design and programming.

Is there anyone to use this font without the 'Lao' scripture being incorporated into it. I basically just want to use the font attached here.


Hello everyone,

I'm designing a website for a company and their logo uses Eurostile LT Pro Bold Extended #2. I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to what font to choose to compliment the logo, when I'm aiming for a modern/clean look of the website.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,

Hello everyone,

I've been working on this font for over a year now, I've been putting it on and off and I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the year. Right now all I have is lowercase and will eventually work my way to numbers and glyphs.

I'll gladly appreciate any feedback and criticism.

Hello! I am looking for the best font to write a printed formal letter to a respectable doctor (a professor) I have never ever written to. It must leave a good impression since he is very bussy and would surely dismiss a poorly written letter. I have the letter written in Word 2013 (Calibri). I can rewrite it in LaTeX (probably using LyX) if necessary. I prefer free fonts but I am willing to pay for a good font if necessary. Thanks for help.

Wallington Typeface

Hey guys! allow me to introduce my first release font.

Wallington is a decorative-serif font embodying vintage and elegant curves with functional structure. Inspired by Old English cultures and their descendants between the mid-5th century and the mid-12th Century. Made up of two styles, Wallington Regular that consists of 491 glyphs and Wallington Small Caps with 365 glyphs. All glyphs are divided into several OpenType features such as Ligature, Contextual Alternates, Old Style Numeric and some astonishing special characters that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design.

Find out more :


I'm illustrating a children's book and i was looking for free fonts. I bumped into Sassoon Primary. I downloaded it from, it says it's free.

Is this website reliable? I need to know because it'll be troublesome to get into legal issues later!

Thanks! :)

I desperately need to find out which font is used in this logo, since I couldn't find and contact original designer who did this. I would appreciate your help.

Many thanks!


I'm trying to determine the font used for the subtitles in the film "Inglourious Basterds "

The auto font detect feature on a website says it is "St Transmission-600 Semi Bold font" but I disagree the lower case i is different. I've also heard it may be Ariel but I don't know, if anyone does please help.



I have developed a font that works in every Uniscribe application (and even some non-Uniscribe applications) that I've tried *except* for Microsoft Word. Even WordPad works. The font shows up in the font list (even with a correct preview) but Word does not let me switch to or type in that font. So, e.g., selecting all (ctrl-a) and choosing the new font does nothing.

Have any of you run into this sort of thing before? What could the cause possibly be?

Thanks in advance!

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Specify the font

Hi all!

Just want to apologize for my bad English.

People, help please learn to find, identify what kind of font file attached.

Very similar to the font Berthold Standard BQ Bold Italis, but this is not it.

Need just such as in the picture.

For earlier grateful.


There is a new group for shearing Scripts & Macros on facebook:

Feel free to join and share!

Hello Typophiles!

'Libertad' by Fernando Díaz, only us$29.9 for a limited time. Hope you like, thanks for the support!


Hi guys, this is a follow up post to the previous one. I have made changes based on suggestions received. A. and B. were the old logos. C. and D. are new with more legible company's name. My company will be selling fashion accessories, mostly scarves. Targeting women between 28-35. Moderate discretionary income. Let me know what you guys think.

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Font pairing

I designed a logo for my business that sells scarves, using all Sans Remo. I had it critiqued on here and many and I agreed that the name was not legible. I would like to know if there is a nice, legible font that I can use to pair with Sans Remo (I really like the way this font looks). Thank you in advance. This is Sans Remo.

JollyGood Sans- the sensible alternative to the font that must not be named.

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