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Unbound pages – design for reading onscreen

Some on this list might be interested in the article I just wrote for The Magazine about the typography of ebooks and design for the screen – or rather, for a plethora of screens:


Although The Magazine is subscription based, non-subscribers can read the full text of one article a month.


Music Festival Line-Up Poster Fonts

Looking for three fonts from these images. From Reading (the yellow one), the font that 'AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND' is written in, plus the one used for band names (not the ones that have their own logo, obviously - ones like Deftones, Jimmy Eat World etc). From Download (the black one), the font used for 'MAVERICK_AC'.

I like making fake posters with line-up predictions, and want to make them as realistic as possible using the correct fonts and everything. Had trouble finding a good match though, I'm a bit of a noob at typography...

Design studentships in Typography

(With apologies for cross-posting)

We are looking for exceptional candidates for full-time postgraduate study in the Department of Typography at Reading. The University will award one AHRC-funded studentship for our practice-based MA programmes: Book Design, Information Design or Typeface Design, with entry in October 2011.

We will also be putting candidates forward for doctoral and MA studentships funded by the University of Reading.

Please Help! readability issue

Hello! I'm starting a project for the development of studying materials for children with learning disabilities, and I was wondering if any of you could direct me to (or has any knowledge of) studies on typography for these specific subject.
I was thinking that the most appropriate would be the use of a clear and simple "ductus" but I've never done anything like this and all the help you could give me would be great!
Thank you so much!

Announcement: 2010 TDi short course details are online

Details of the 2010 annual intensive short course in typeface design, to take place at Reading this summer, are now available on http://www.typefacedesign.org/tdi/TDi2010_A4.pdf . Five very full days, crammed with seminars, feedback on practical work, examination of rare material, and hands-on sessions.

Get in touch for more information.

Announcement: doctoral study at the Department of Typography

Find out more about doctoral study at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication

Announcing a postgraduate research colloquium & workshop, Tuesday 23 March 2010, 10am-4pm
Open to potential students, current academics and interested parties.
A day of talks and other activities including:
• presentations of staff research activities
• workshop on writing a research proposal for a PhD
• a day in the life of a postgraduate research student.
Assistance with travel to Reading may be available for current UK-based students who are interested in applying
The event is free of charge, but registration in advance required. For further information or to register, contact
Carolyn Davidson +44 (0)118 378 6598, c.davidson@reading.ac.uk