Can a font make driving safer?


Can a font make driving safer? — News release from

Reimer, B., Mehler, B. Joseph F. & Coughlin, J. (2012). An evaluation of typeface design in a text-rich automotive user interface. Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab & New England University Transportation Center.


Font that emulates old scholarly journal articles?


Help by 'feeling' for the style of font for a site/blog logo or text


Hello to all,

I know the importance of good graphic design - but don't have the means to have a graphic designer revisit mine (which I'm trying to set up).
Nevertheless, maybe something can be done about the font, at least for the header/name (the rest I think I'll keep in Tahoma or courrier). Would you give me your feel about a font if I describe what is the aim of the site and what I whish to express?
I know well it's a personal choice, but my range of font is extremely limited, so all advise, feel, any idea would be really welcome!

Completely redesigned a font I've been working on and released it for FREE on MyFonts. Check it out!


Hey guys! Just thought I'd share a font I designed after I finally got it up on MyFonts. I think I posted it on here a while ago when I was still working on it, but I've since redesigned it completely and added a lot more glyphs.

What is the font used for this book cover? Please help urgently!!!!

Here is the image of the book cover.

Can someone please help me identify the typefaces used on this book cover? It would greatly be appreciated! I really need to know this as soon as possible.

Thank You!!