Name of wave-like font


I have seen a font some time ago, but I don't have a photo and I have no idea how to find it. I remember it was used for a corporate identity of an architect. It is a font which has some kind of wavy baseline, it reminds me of water. The letters were somehow added on top of the waves. Here's an image of the wavy baseline:

I am looking for the name of this font. Does anybody know what font this could have been?


Need Help

I purchased this font back in 2002 and have since replaced my computer. Unfortunately, my computer crashed before I got rid of it so what mattered more was saving my documents versus my fonts. Anyhow, I need help identifying the font so I can rebuild my company logo. Thanks in advance!

dealing with a distributor (selling a font)

Hey all.

I am a new font designer (though not new to the art of typography) and I have recently finished creating my first completed font. It's a TrueType font. It's a highly original and stylish display type of font.

Anyway, I was thinking I was gonna try to make some money with it, and was wondering if anyone out there could offer some guidance and advice. Anything I should know about finding and dealing with a distributor? Do I need to make them sign something to keep from getting ripped off if they prove to be scandalous? (I'm always suspicious I guess)

I'd rather not have to market it myself even if I had my own website, setting up a shopping cart system etc..

Thanks in advance.

House Industries 10 year book for sale

I am selling my House Industries 10 year book, it is in perfect condition, it has never been opened and is still in its plastic wrap and comes with all the original font CDs. (I was accidently send two copies when I ordered it and it is now too late to get a refund!) Contact me at if you are interested.


A work of passion...


from Michael Adkins...

Just wondering if I could get some feedback on this new font. First: this font isn't trying to take itself too serious. It is a condensed tribute to the classic 1940s Captain America covers. Second: It fits in fine when bold, fill-up-the-space lettering is called for, and it works great for signage when you're trying to cram everything into a tight space (DOT numbers and GVW's come to mind.) In all other venues, its usability remains to be seen.

Really, it's a work of passion, so the question of overall functionality also remains to be seen. Still, people are downloading the freebie at a hot pace, so there may be life for it beyond the funny books and sign shops. Thoughts?


Upload new kerning table in existing file (TTF / OTF)


Dear all,

I need your help. I have created a font, then later changed the Em (from 2500 to 1000). Changing the size of the glyphs was not a problem. I now need to update the kerning table (by classes) because the kerns are too big (of course). I have tried with fontforge but I cannot seem to be able to upload the kerning table (I have saved an FEA file from the GPOS menu in Fontinfo).

I am not sure I am being very clear, so please feel free to ask any question!
Thanks in advance.

19th Century Type Specimens

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows why on many 19th century type specimen prints they are often produced in black and red ink. Often they are black typefaces with a red border or decorative elements and sometimes both black and red typefaces. Just wondering if there is a reason for this use of colors. Thanks in advance.

Looking for an example of the font of a very early Italian bible

Hello all,
I was browsing the web for fonts for my next tattoo idea, when I came upon this website. I saw many great postings, so I decided to see if anyone could possibly help me find pictures of the font in a very early bible from Italy, from Rome or the surrounding area if possible. I just need a few pictures, so I can have my artist draw from them. I am getting the 23rd psalm written out across my chest, and I wish to have the most accurate font possible. Thanks all!

unusual serif on the 'h'

I have been trying to identify the fonts used in this logo as I have been asked to create a print document based on it, however the company that designed the logo originally is not being forthcoming with the information ... see the attached image, best quality I have available to me

I believe the second part of the font is "frutiger light" from the people at Adobe, but I have not been able to identify the first part, I think that maybe the serif on the 'h' in 'school' might help to identify it,

kind regards