What is this font? I need the numbers 0-9 only. looks like something old

I checked all the other sites but they never seem to notice the sharp corners of this font. At the end of the day I just realized that only humans can me here. I am not really interested in the letters of this font, just the numbers, all but 1 2 and 6 of course. Thanks

Organic handmade font types for food, health, and juicing

Hi, I'm looking for great fonts for a health, organic foods and juicing blog. Could you recommend some great fonts to use for organic food type that has the organic handmade look to it?

We will be doing different organic raw food recipes and juicing recipes and will be using different fonts to design on food photos. Some fonts I like to give direction are:

Bamboo Brisk Regular
Hand-Slab Regular
Cafe Mimi
Cocktail Script
Lady Rene
Petit Oiseau
Happy Cloud
Rooney Pro
Love Potion

I'm open to any suggestions and I appreciate everyone's support.

Thanks kindly,


Tweegi, the fashionable font!

Hello guys, here I'm asking for your help to make my font project
Tweegi a reality. Tweegi is a super condensed fonts with two
variables regular and italic, it has a 600+ character set, with regular
and discretionary ligatures, alternate characters, complete set of
numbers, small caps and it covers 105 latin alphabets. The best of this
is that if I can reach the funding goal, it will be free for everyone
to use as they like.

So please check it out and help me spread the word, every help
will be appreciated.

New free font SONAR SCRIPT


I've just released a new free font called SONAR SCRIPT available for free download at the Floodfonts website. If you want to see more in-use examples you are invited to visit the Behance project:

SONAR SCRIPT is a modular, experimental typeface that plays with the idea to fold a line of text from a continuous strip of paper. In spite of its technical and contemporary appearance, the overall impression of the typeface is unusual and very characteristic! SONAR SCRIPT works really well to create grid-based, geometric layouts with large letters or to design logotypes.

Desperately need to know this cracked serif font

I'm looking for the font I lost that I used in a design. I'm pretty sure I downloaded or paid for it somewhere but I've lost the file and have been searching online for the font for 17 hours. Please help! I don't know the name. I need it for a couple products I'm making for a client and the deadline is by tomorrow. The font has to match, as I used it as his logo on all his other products. It will be a huge let down if I can't reproduce this for him. Here's my email address: