Near-Perfect Typefaces

We all know that there's no such thing as perfection, and that applies just as well in the world of type design. But what are some typefaces that come close if it wasn't for one little thing (one character, the italics, usability, numerals, etc)?


Baskerville would be a perfect typeface if only its 'a' wasn't so wide and round.
Univers would be a perfect typeface if only it had small caps.
Futura would be a perfect typeface if only its ascenders weren't so weirdly tall.
Miller would be a perfect typeface if only it's 'k' didn't have a curved leg.

Have at it!

Type choice for a rebranding job. Would love a little advice.


Hello Typophiles! It's been a while since I lurked these corridors, but I have a slight query at work and would like to ask your opinions if I may.

Been given a re-branding project at work, its nothing enormous, but it revolves around fashion and extreme sports. We are building a new website, product photography, the whole shebang.

To cut the long story short, the owners want the brand to be different, but not too different. The brand 'Typeface' being a horrid font by the name of 'Aggie'. Anyway. It has to go.

So I need rid of Aggie, and the replacement needs to resemble it in some fashion but drag it out of 2002. If that is at all possible.