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Found this book listed on EBay not sure how long it will be up there but the copyright page used a font I would like to identify. Thanks to all .

We added a new Book style with its accompanying italic to our successful type family Maiola. It is darker in colour, making reading an even more pleasant experience. Additionally, responding to customer feedback, we have also designed a whole set of symbols used to set logic. Customers who have purchased the Maiola Bundle and would like to add the Book styles, are welcome to a special offer. Please contact us, if interested.

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A fresh, clean Slab that plays in the space between the Typewriter and the Storybook. I'm shooting for something highly sophisticated, and I'm very detailed in my approach; so please give me as in-depth a critique as you are able.

Can anyone help identify the internal book font used in all of Patricia A. McKillip's books? Here is an online place to view the inside of one of her books:

Here is a pic:

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