Print Design

Calibri as a corporate font


I have a corporate client whose font is Calibri.
This was chosen because the majority of their communication is on-screen and also because they like to generate their own documents from word (god help me).

They have now come to me with a book design project and have expressed a desire to use Calibri throughout.

Any opinions regarding this will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Typographer Jobs

I am a design student with a love for type and print as well as the challenges of type and web. I am looking for some good places to look for a job.

I'd love to work in book design/layout, but I enjoy all kinds of design. I'll be in NYC and Boston next month and would like to visit some places (I'll send out a little self promo piece prior to arriving). Anyone have any tips of some typographically fantastic design agency places?

If you know of some great places to work, and they aren't in NYC/Boston, please tell as well!



Cook Off Poster, Typography, and Ideation Help


I want to do something to give back to my hometown, so i've come up with an idea for a pasty cook off. This would be an interface to strengthen and further bond Marquette, Michigan. Through pasties I hope to strengthen, facilitate and connect the community, as well as stimulate the local businesses.

The National Pasty Cookoff
2010 Marquette, Michigan

I want to make a website and a poster series to begin the promotional process.

I am breaking a few "type rules" using too many typefaces, but I want this to have a retro/vintage feel.
Any feedback about typography or ideation for the event itself would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,