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Hello Typography lovers!

Come and see my new Experimental Typography project - Playful Ampersand on: www.moshik.net

See the whole project on: www.moshik.net

Hello guys!

Good news!

I have new Typography website - Check it out on: www.moshik.net

On the website you can find my new Experimental Typography project - Playful Ampersand and many more Typography projects. Beside that you can download cool Typography wallpapers for your computer screen or for your iPad for now..
and of course you can order cool Typography posters and T-shirts :)

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Moshik Nadav

Type & Typography based designer

Ryan Ogborn, a 2nd year design student at Seattle Central Community College, took to a shooting gallery to "design" an experimental font for a thesis project in his experimental typography class this quarter. He claims it is inspired by the font, Bernhardt Medium and Sarah Palin. He used each letter for target practice and recorded the "hits" and collected this data on a poster of all 26 letters. He also included one added glyph of a winking emoticon in his poster (which got zero hits). See a video of some of the action here. http://letterology.blogspot.com/2010/03/going-rogue.html

The month of April marks the 2nd Annual Student xType Culture Show at Seattle Central Community College's Hunter Art Gallery. This show features the work of 48 students creating 26 letters of experiments in typography. See fonts which are illustrated, animated, baked, bleached, and even blighted with bullets. The rules of play were to construct an experimental display font of 26 letters out of any media (with the exception of flammable, toxic or xRated, but this edict was even ignored), and they were bound only by time, money, materials and their imagination.


I want to do something to give back to my hometown, so i've come up with an idea for a pasty cook off. This would be an interface to strengthen and further bond Marquette, Michigan. Through pasties I hope to strengthen, facilitate and connect the community, as well as stimulate the local businesses.

The National Pasty Cookoff
2010 Marquette, Michigan

I want to make a website and a poster series to begin the promotional process.

I am breaking a few "type rules" using too many typefaces, but I want this to have a retro/vintage feel.
Any feedback about typography or ideation for the event itself would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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