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Firefox Font?

Haven't been able to locate the origin of this typeface. Is it custom?


Hello Typophile!

I created a simple sans-serif font for a personal web project I am working on, however, I have stumbled upon a problem with Firefox for Mac OS. "CHRSTPHR" (within an h1 tag) renders decently in most browsers except Firefox for Mac OS (V. 4 tested) in which it shifts down 10/15 pixels or so. I've checked my CSS thoroughly and can't seem to figure out the problem. Check out the last browser window in the following image:

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Safari font size discrete steps

¿Por que is Safari doing these discrete steps (top part of image) in font-size when Firefox is not (lower part of image)?
The way Safari does it is winding me up to the n'th degree.

Now that webfonts are supported by all major browsers, more and more professional fonts are available for web linking. These fonts usually contain a large set of OpenType features, which are only accessible in OpenType-savvy applications like InDesign, Illustrator or QuarkXPress. Browsers have barely supported such advanced typographic features so far. But with the latest Beta of Firefox 4 this is about to change …

see also:

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Hi gals & guys,

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