i am interested in the terminology/history and or creation of brush stroke style fonts/logos. such as the specialized logo.

is there a graphic term for this type of fake handmade look, or the fact that they purposefully stylize errors, imperfections etc?


We would love to know what body font is used on this very popular series of books published in the late 80s by Time-Life http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mysteries_of_the_Unknown

As ever, many thanks for your time and expertise!


Anyone remember this one? Thanks!

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Fonts used in the 80s

Hey Typophiles

I sure hope someone out there can help me.
Currently i am in the middle of writing an essay about the style in the 80s, including everything from fashion to magazine design.
I am having a bit of trouble though finding any info on what types of fonts where used back in the 80s, for magazines, ads and the likes.

If someone could direct me towards some sites with info, or perhaps share some examples on fonts and how they where used, that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance :)

Can someone help me ID this handwriting style font from the 80s. I need some help with album art. See example below attached


Hi there,
Anyone knows what this type is? (The one at the "Summer Megamix" part)


Thank you in advance!

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