type id

Juan Gris. by Studio Astrid Stavro

Hey guys.

I'm trying to identify this font from Studio Astrid Stavro.

I tried ITC Caslon...
but it doesn't seem to look the same.

Needing this font badly for my project...
A little help from here would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you guys!!!

(x) Wondering what font this is... - Knockout {Florian}

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone here could help me identify this font:


I've seen this one around in a few different places, but haven't yet been able to pinpoint it. It seems like it's similar to Helvetica, except a bit more narrow and some letters, like "D", "C", and "O" are less round. The "R" seems to be very distinctive as well, with the tail curving outward a decent bit more than Helvetica's "R". Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(x) What is this font? - Cordoba {NJ}

Hi -

I've been trying to figure out what typeface this is for a couple of days now (regular and embellished weights are attached). More examples of it can be found at http://atseasonspeak.publix.com/. One of the identifying characteristics is the "G" - it's possible that there are no lowercase characters.

Any ideas? Similar typeface recommendations would be great as well.


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If anyone can help ID this font, I would certainly welcome the answer! No one seems to know exactly what typeface this is. Please help by ID of the exact typeface. I have had several similar suggested to me, but no one has come up with the exact face.