Hello to all,
I am doing a font research for a possible headline font and then Guardian Egyptian is my final choice. But it is a bit expensive. I would like to find alternatives

Hello all, I just asked you for help with my business cards a while ago, I'll post a picture of one again on the bottom here, but the thing is that I used Hoefler's Whitney and Chronicle on them, and now I'm trying to design my website and I'm going for something very minimalistic, like the cards, and I want to make it all consistent, the cards, stationary, the site, but Hoefler's license doesn't allow their fonts to be used with @fontface, so I'm looking for alternatives I can use. Since the site will be mostly just text I want something really well designed, and a family with various weights and nice italics and small caps and all that would be great. And of course both typefaces have to work well together, on the webpage they'll interact even more than they do on the cards.

Would love to pick your amazing brains regarding what character to use after an asterisk. I've seen one (*), then two (**) and three (***). Is that acceptable? Is there another character one can use without looking outright jarring?

The context is that a subhead uses an asterisk, and then a product description uses one to reference the fine print.

I'm looking for the following fonts; either free or close alternatives that are free. The originals can be found at

Feel Script
Almond Script
Galgo Script
Ministry Script
Mrs Von Eckley
Her Von Mueller
Mrs St Delafield
Mr Donaldson

These are commercial fonts; I'm having trouble finding any alternatives that are anywhere close, or anyone willing to share. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!

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