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Monetizing your free fonts

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InstallMonetizer helps publishers of free downloadable content monetize their content. If you are currently using Google AdSense or any other service to monetize your site you can continue to do so and add InstallMonetizer's content wrapper.

Essentially the content wrapper inserts an advertising offer when an end user downloads one of your free fonts. Every time the end user accepts the advertising offer you earn money. The advertising offer is seamlessly integrated into your download. You can turn on or off the advertising offer anytime.

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Hi everyone,

I know subject of piracy comes up again and again, but I feel compelled to make this public.

Does anyone know anything about the Fontpark website?

Please forgive my ignorance if this is legit, but it certainly doesn't look legit to me. I found some of my own fonts there, free to download, no questions asked. Not to mention fonts by high-profile international foundries, which I have contacted to inform.

I Googled around but found few if any references to this site.

With no "Contact" links on the site (why would they?) is there any way of sending them a "Cease and Desist" notification? I'm sure someone here on Typophile must have some experience in this area?

Thanks, Wayne
Australian Type Foundry

Tsukurimashou 0.1 - MetaFont meta-family for Japanese, first release


I've posted the first public version of the Tsukurimashou parametric font family on my Web site at

The main goal of this project is to support my own study of the Japanese language, so the finished product is less important than the process of getting there. However, you might still enjoy looking at it. To my knowledge, there's never been a native MetaFont family with glyph coverage for Japanese; there exist a couple that are conversions from other formats, and there was also the Quixote Oriental Fonts Project, announced more than two decades ago, apparently never usable, and now long abandoned.

knock off versions of typefaces

(the title isn't what you immediately think, honest!!)

Hello there,

I've been a stalker of these forums a long time, and I'm hoping you can all help me with this request.

A little while ago, I remember reading a journal or a blog someone had written that basically had a long list of "free" downloadable typefaces you could get, but then pointed out that they were exact copies of original typefaces (some of which are default on most computer systems) and this relates closely to my 8,000 word dissertation and FMP that I am researching for my Third Year of University.

The problem is, I've lost the article between now and then, and only have a handful of examples to work with.

Free fonts: Huge default leading (Line Spacing)

I am not a designer. I use as office suite on a Linux distribution (Fedora) and I need advice about fonts with "an above the average" default leading:

Most of the free fonts (SIL license) I have tried have a huge default leading (probably because of the numerous scripts they support, or the designer taste?).

I would like to know if setting a negative leading (e.g. line-spacing proportional=80%, or line-spacing fix=0.45 cm) in the paragraph style is custom practice or not? If it is not, I will search for other fonts with a "regular" default leading (well, I am used to increase the leading with traditional fonts).

Usage: writing reports to print on paper or pdf.

Thanks in advance.

Dezen - new release by DizajnDesign


I am happy to announce Dezen, my new release!

Dezen is a contemporary, mechanical grotesque typeface. Its letters were first constructed from individual modules and then optically refined to enhance its rhythm. Its tight letter spacing and narrow proportions make the typeface particularly well suited for display sizes and headlines. When you add spacing, font can be used for shorter amount of text, bigger than 12 points.

The Dezen type family consists of a wide variety of styles – solid and stencil. The Dezen Pro subfamily combines all 4 styles (Solid, Stencil 01, Stencil 02, Stencil 03) in a specific sequence, which originates a “pattern” for the alphabet (or dezen, in Slovak).

Dezen Pro Regular is for free!

Buying information:

website for student font portfolios -


The website offers students the posibility to examine, test, comment and present their fonts. Most of the fonts are for free. There are display fonts as well as fonts for text. Everybody who is interested in type design is invited to join the website.
The idea to the website begun at the German Fh Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Development by Jakob Runge, Max Kostopoulos and Georg Fischer [programming].

Fonts or Alternatives Needed - Please Help!!!

I'm looking for the following fonts; either free or close alternatives that are free. The originals can be found at

Feel Script
Almond Script
Galgo Script
Ministry Script
Mrs Von Eckley
Her Von Mueller
Mrs St Delafield
Mr Donaldson

These are commercial fonts; I'm having trouble finding any alternatives that are anywhere close, or anyone willing to share. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!