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Silverback v.2 (First font revisited)


A few people saw the original Silverback, but now it's back from the drawing board. I was so excited about the results, I thought it could deserve a new thread. Thanks to Justin_Ch and riccard0 for their thoughts on the original.

An all-caps face, Silverback was inspired by old stock certificates, bill heads, and other monetary documents.

I'm in to process of importing the characters into a font program, so please excuse any spacing issues for now. I'm really just looking for thoughts on letterforms and how they work together (if they do at all).

Here are the characters I have done so far, and the attached PDF includes some set text.

Silverback (First font)


I've been lurking around Typophile for quite sometime, but never really posted anything. So, here is my first (complete) attempt at a full set of characters. I'd like to hear if anyone thinks this thing has legs, or if it's a lost cause. I know it's got some problems, but that's why I'm here.

Now for your critiquing eyes, Silverback…