Help with Swashes, please!


Please help! Are there any rules or formatting structures for using swashes to fill in negative space for a scrip or brush layout? Like are there any tips or do-and-don'ts of creation? I want to use some to add to my layout but i don't know where to begin or which ones to use if the font does not contain alternates or glyphs included in the original. Thanks in advance!

How to generate those amazing typography composition

I've been searching and searching how you can create such kind of composition.
The graphic designer Jocelyn Cottencin made those beautiful typography.
I know that for other font he has created he uses a pattern that he transform in scatter brush via illustrator.
I guess he uses this technique in an other way that I can't figure out.
If you guys can share your guesses or solutions, It will be incredible!
Hope you enjoy his work like me...


Feedback: Survival guide/magazine for graphic designers.

Survival Guide/Magazine
about graphic design.

The first exam on Westerdals Graphic Design was to make an inspiring and teaching magazine about graphic design. The target group was future students on Westerdals graphic Design.

The survival guide portrays the first year of Westerdals Graphic Design as a year of hell. If you aren’t following the guide, then you wont be able to survive the first year. The magazine is based on a step-by-step guide with assets like dictionary and notes. With a focus on blending military influenced typography and Swiss black and white illustrations. It tries to create the feeling of survival, just like the old military guides in the US. Army. The format is a pocket size so the students will able to carry it all the time when survival will be needed.

Critique of Composition Invited

Dear experts,

would anyone care to comment on the composition as sampled in this file?

More specifically, I would like to hear your opinions on the following points:
1) How do you find the pairing of the greek and latin fonts (p. 15)?
2) Running headers look a bit weird above secondary titles and headings (p.26). Can anything be done about that?

Birthday Invite

Hello fellow typophiles. Does anyone care to critique this invite I've made for my mother's birthday. It's 210 x 130mm, both sides shown, and I'd like it printed on something like 350gsm uncoated cartridge stock. I looked in foil-blocking, but that's proving too expensive and time-consuming, bearing in mind I need to get these printed ASAP. If anyone knows a way to make it a little special without costing the earth (e.g. metallic pink - that's here favourite colour). Colour used at the moment is Pantone 214, with a tint of its complement which is a process green. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Many typefaces & one composition.

Hello Respected Typohiles.

Recently i tried to do an experiment of using too many typefaces in one single composition & try to make them sync together & create an interest.
I don't know did it really worked on not, but when i shared the composition with people i got a very two-sided response. Some viewers loved it in first go & agreed that this works perfectly & on the other side some viewers just totally discarded it & said its too confusing & bizarre for their eyes.

What do you all think ?
Critisim,feedback is much appreciated.Thanks!