Watercolour Font


Hi everyone. I'm looking to make a hand drawn, brush font that retains the textures and qualities of a thin ink, like a watercolour stroke. Specifically, I like the way the colour tint shifts and changes. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best way to approach this type of font?

Type Design / Distribution Experiment

I am part of a small studio called People Collective and we are starting a new project/experiment in the creation and distribution of type. We have written a blog post that details our plans here but in short, hope to fund the creation of a typeface through KickStarter. We'd really like to hear your thoughts on both the creation/distribution concept and the specific design options we post to the blog over the coming weeks, thanks!

-Colin & Aaron

Many typefaces & one composition.

Hello Respected Typohiles.

Recently i tried to do an experiment of using too many typefaces in one single composition & try to make them sync together & create an interest.
I don't know did it really worked on not, but when i shared the composition with people i got a very two-sided response. Some viewers loved it in first go & agreed that this works perfectly & on the other side some viewers just totally discarded it & said its too confusing & bizarre for their eyes.

What do you all think ?
Critisim,feedback is much appreciated.Thanks!