Need some help identifying this font. It looks kinda like Stencil Antiqua but it has the distress cut marks. Any ideas?

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Where's the Wind

The name of a cottage/cabin on Georgian Bay.

This late 19th century design conjures up early 20th century Dutch DeStijl lettering with a mostly strict adherence to right angles and minimal stroke modulation. Geometric began its life as a metal typeface from the Central Type Foundry, circa 1884. Soon after, this design was officially licensed to Morgan & Wilcox and was shown in their 1890 catalog in Regular, Light and Condensed Light variations. After acquiring Morgan & Wilcox, Hamilton Manufacturing offered Geometric Light Face Condensed as their own No 3020 and the Geometric Light Face as No 3021.

Please help me ID this font!


Could anybody tell me if the font 'You are Loved' font is based on an existing font? Or does anybody know a font that is very similar, but without the distressed look?

Link to the font here: http://www.dafont.com/you-are-loved.font


Any guesses? Not sure what it is but I have a client who would like to know. Thanks!

From the designer:
Sinder began life as a custom block font that was begging to be distressed. Of course it was only an experiment, not to be taken seriously, until a customer needed a face of just about these proportions to give his "paranormal investigation" hobby an appropriately scary image. It was out of necessity, then, that I finished the entire font. It never pays to be caught off-guard at a critical point in a layout.

Available from MyFonts...

or for the try me free for personal use version...


Would someone please tell me the typefaces used on these two book covers or recommend something similar.

thanks ever so much.

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