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Hi there. I recently came across another term for the Tuscan/Western/Circus-style fonts and I cannot remember what it was. I recall it being a city or possibly a state and that it struck me as odd that it wasn't what I would generally think of as a western location. I'm hung up on Michigan, but I don't know if there is any reason for that. If anyone out there is more knowledgeable and can end my mental blockage, I sure would appreciate it.


western-style half-filled font painted on the stern of a boat

This is the name painted on the stern of a boat (sorry for the image quality, I don't have access to the boat to take another). I'm pretty sure the font was found for free online, but I don't know its name. The general look is (if I understand the terms correctly) western-style, with serifs and pointy doodads at the midline, and the top half is outline while the lower half is solid.


Carnival/Western Style Display Face

So I saw this Carnival/Western style display face two days ago, and have bene looking everywhere possible since. Some examples are listed below.



I have stumbled across only one in the past day that is very close, but some of the serif/ornaments are not the same. That can be seen here.


I have literally spent hours going through free and paid type sites and am just not having any luck. The above was actually suggested using What the Font on MyFonts.com.

Thanks in advance for any input!

(x) On the hunt for this delicate & girly western slab - various suggestions {Mike Y}

I've fallen in love with this typeface but cannot find it *anywhere*. I've never come across a bit of circus/western this delicate & girly. I don't believe this is handdrawn, but anything is possible! Any ideas on ID, hive mind?

New Font: Andrano

Once again I have fallen under the influence of my fashion conscious teenage daughter, who tells me that I absolutely must produce more "shabby chic" fonts like the trendy scrapbookers and hip fashion label designers use. On showing her examples this turns out to mean more circus style fonts with wide ascenders and decoration. We did this dance once before the the Cascade font and she wasn't entirely satisfied. It was too Art Deco and not crude enough looking.