I really love the look of these letters, identifont suggested Schneidler EF (1936) as the closest match although it is not exact. I mean that S is pretty loopy.

As this is architecture from 1916, I am now having doubts... Is this even a font? (Alternatively, has someone made it into one?)

Thank you so much for your time!

I'm looking for a typeface that's thin, condensed and feels architectural or blueprint-like. Eric Olsen's Stratum is pretty close, but doesn't seem right for the job.

I ran across this design from Pentagram and was wondering if anyone knew what they used:

Any guesses? A link to purchase would be super helpful. Thanks!

Hello there

I'm designing a 3D letter, like Steingruber did with his alphabet.

But for the letter build, I would like to go in a calligraphed way.

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a font like Hinge Marketing used in their identity.
This is probably custom made, but maybe there's a font on which this is based on (or a similar font)?

Thanks in advance.

The Mevum font, which is showcased on 26+ since 2011 becomes a whole font-family now. An extraordinary true italic with an 18° angle and appropriate bold styles complete the family.



I was trying to know the font used in a flash website : .
It looks like a regular sans-serif font, but which one ?!
The website is in Flash + I can not manage to zoom in, so I did not manage to identify it properly.
If you want, the "Projects" page has lots of upper-case and regular letters ;)

thanks a lot for your help

After several years of inactivity, I've revived my site Pixilate, with a new design and new fonts.

Dear friends, my research (Mphil) has come to an end. It seems now that the writing of 200 pages was nothing compared to the difficulty of designing a decent cover. I’m a graduated graphic designer but I haven’t practiced for a long time. Can you please advise me? Here’s the spread. The image I choose is a drawing by the great Gordon Cullen (1950s) which is one of the architects I investigate. It shows a very cluttered “subtopian” landscape, the problem is that there’s not much white space left for the information I have to provide (my name, title and possibly EESC USP Universidade de São Paulo). I chose this typeface because many of the texts I analyse in the research were typewritten...silly? thanks everyone.

Hello dear Typophiles,

I'm currently working on my architectural portfolio prior to the big jobhunt, and am having some difficulty picking a typeface to suitably match the energy and vibe of the architecture.

The images below show the architecture - it's very contemporary, fairly complex, bold and still somewhat delicately crafted. Would you encyclopaedic typophiles have any typefaces you could recommend to match or contrast with these buildings?

I need one Headline face and one Body Text face - I'm currently using Eureka and Myriad, but I think I could use some help. The layouts will be fairly minimal, with enough white space to let the work stand out.

Thanks in advance for your input!


This is my new typeface project, inspired by attached image of Alvar Aalto's design for a door handle ("VEDÄ" = pull, "TYÖNNÄ" = push in Finnish). I fell in love with the unorthodox proportions of Aalto's lettering (which was of course made to fill certain width) and I have tried to keep that mood in my letterforms. I'm planning to include some alternative glyphs of different widths so user can more easily create words that have right amount of narrow and wide letters.

Though Aalto's Ä is superb, I couldn't figure out any decent way to make it work, so I just made up my version.

Any comments / suggestions are welcome!

Indices : Designers : James Arboghast

James Arboghast was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1963, and spent part of his childhood in England. He briefly attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology but found the academic focus too stifling even for pretend consideration.

James has worked as a photographer, art director, graphic designer, audio engineer, publicist and creative consultant. He is presently a freelance advertising creative specializing in copy writing and brand development. "Combining a permanent interest in monumental sculpture with written forms and semantics, I'm a philosophical artist who finds typography an ideal medium for the expression of abstract ideas."

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