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Suggestions for a combination of fonts to be used in a math thesis


Greeting font anthusiasts,

I have recently finished typing up my Ph.D. thesis in math and I am looking to improve its overall appearance. Let me say right off the bat that the standard font that tex uses, i.e. Knuth's computer modern, is not bad; I'd simply like to explore some further options. I am using the KOMA script latex package which sets chapter and section headings in sans of whatever font family is used for the main text. While this can be changed, i.e. need not be sans of anything, I think I'd like to keep this feature and thus use a serif typeface for the main body and a sans typeface for section and chapter headings.

Looking for the best typography for equation & formula input

Hello Everyone,

I represent a small University Press based on Mexico, we are about to start a textbook series for K-8 and highschool levels so we're consulting the professionals about the best-suited typography for equations & formula input. The one with all the bells and whistles.
We hope you can help us with some suggestions.

Our considerations so far are:
Freda Serif A
Le Monde Livre

Thanks in Advance for your help.
All best.

Luis Sánchez
+52 (33) 3640-4594
Comunicación y Diseño
Editorial Universitaria
Universidad de Guadalajara

Q.E.D. "Quod Erat Demonstrandum", used at the end of proofs

Has anyone encountered an interesting hand-lettered or type-set "Q.E.D." before? It's used to mark the end of a mathematical proof. The contemporary digital version is, unfortunately, the "tombstone," a simple black square (yawn).


Rob Kimmel

Grammar School Arithmetic (a book from 1904)

Some scans from a book I picked up recently (for 25¢). Printed in 1904.

Interesting just to see how the type is set; complex fractions (all are all nut—no virgules to be found), the @ symbol for per-item cost, page structure, impressive engravings for illustrations, and the thoughtful mix of typefaces. Quite a complex project for metal type. All for the kids.

Yes, it has all the answers in the back.


Math Glyphs / Symbols

I'm a Humanities person with embarrassingly scant knowledge of maths, so before I utilise these glyphs, it's best to confirm they're the same as those in the photo.

In Georgia, the matching glyphs appear to be "α", "θ", then either "σ" or "б".

The rest—other than the German double s and the << arrows—aren't available in the glyphs panel it seems.

Can anyone confirm?


old style figures in mathish places


Does anybody know about how old style figures are used in technical areas that use a lot of symbolic notation like math, most sciences, linguistics, logic, chess books, etc., if at all? I've never seen them in a work of any such discipline, though that's not saying much. I don't seem to recall them in any of the textbooks I used for these subjects, but perhaps I wasn't typographically "aware" at the time.

Thanks in advance.

XITS - OpenType MATH enhanced STIX fonts


As you might now, the long awaited, 15+ years, version 1.0.0 of STIX fonts have been finally released. However, the release disappointed many people who want to typeset mathematics with STIX fonts, as they neither released LaTeX support files nor supplemented the fonts with the new OpenType MATH table, ruling out any quality mathematical typesetting engine.

Fortunately, STIX were kind enough to release the fonts under Open Font License, so giving the community the power to scratch their itch and not wait yet another 15 years for next release.

Having experimented with an OpenType MATH version of STIX beta release, it was relatively easy to supplement the final release with MATH layout features, thanks to the powerful FontForge who never let me down, and so XITS was officially born.

A math font that maps the same as Cambria Math?

Hello Experts! :D

I am working on a Journal of Science booklet and I am having some issues with some math equations. In their Word document they used Cambria Math to do their math equations. I have my body copy set in Adobe Garamond Pro. The math equations are not showing up.

Is there anything out of the Adobe Library 11 that will map the same as Cambria Math. I don't have Cambria Math on my computer to substitute what I am currently using.

Thanks for the help.