Mein Kampf cover font - WWII Black Letter Propaganda Face

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone knows the primary face used in this cover of Mein Kampf. The question was asked on another forum and was never answered. The asker mentioned that the cover is a reproduction and that the face is probably available digitized. I'm specifically interested in the black letter face used for the styling of "Mein Kampf" in particular. Here is the original post.

And Here is a link to the image, which I am posting below as well.

Fraktur gothic

Hi guys
I have this cover of a french magazine from the 70s (no worries it's not fascist magazine), and I need to remake the text for a friend.
You talents of typography might give me a hand in finding the name.
I know it's a Fraktur gothic geometrical, and I'm looking for a book named "Fraktur mon amour" if I can find it there.

I supose that the 'Hitler' word is drawn but what I'll looking for is the baseline 'Le filet se Ressere'

Thanks alot